Management Team

Joe Kakaty – Chief Executive Officer

Joe Kakaty is the Chief Executive Officer of Edvisors, a leading education company focused on providing information, tools, and resources to help students, parents, and educators make the best possible academic decisions. He oversees all aspects of the company’s operations, including marketing, sales, and product development. With two decades of experience in the education industry, Joe plans to further expand Edvisors’ already unmatched collection of student resources.

Joe’s leadership helped College Loan Corporation (CLC) become the nation’s 7th largest student loan originator, servicing more than 900,000 customers, and the 10th largest holder of student loan assets. Prior to CLC, Joe was Director of Business Development for FastWeb, Inc. Since 1993, Joe has actively participated in the education industry, including serving on the ELM Board of Directors for six years.

Joe earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, and marketing from State University of New York, College at Brockport and was recognized with the 2010 Alumni Award. He currently serves on the board of several non-profit organizations and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife, Josey, and their three children.

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Mark Kantrowitz – Senior Vice President and Publisher

Mark Kantrowitz is Senior Vice President and Publisher of Edvisors. His mission is to deliver practical information, advice, and tools to students and their families so they can make informed decisions about planning and paying for college. Mark is a nationally-recognized expert on financial aid, scholarships, and student loans.

Mark has testified before Congress about student aid policy on several occasions and is frequently interviewed by news outlets. He has been quoted in more than 5,000 newspaper and magazine articles in the last five years. He has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Post, Reuters, Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Newsweek, and Time Magazine. Mark is the author of two bestselling books about scholarships and financial aid and holds seven patents.

Mark is a member of the board of directors of the National Scholarship Providers Association and the board of trustees of the Center for Excellence in Education. Mark serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Student Financial Aid and the editorial advisory board of Bottom Line/Personal.

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Alena Charles – Vice President of Product

As the Vice President of Product, Alena Charles is responsible for developing and sustaining Edvisors’ strategic initiatives and developing new products and services for the company. Her objective is to ensure that students and parents have a great experience when they interact with Edvisors.

Prior to joining the Edvisors team, Alena spent nearly a decade working on marketing and customer communications for College Loan Corporation as the Director of Marketing. Having started as a student loan customer at CLC, Alena is passionate about helping students and families make informed decisions about paying for college.

Alena holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Fordham University and an MBA in Marketing from Fordham Graduate School of Business.

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Eric Droukas – Vice President of Marketing

Eric Droukas is the Vice President of Marketing at Edvisors, where he leads the company’s traffic acquisition and retention strategy through inbound and performance marketing. Under Eric’s leadership since 2011, Edvisors has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 List of fastest-growing companies, generated more than two million leads, and encouraged millions of students to visit Edvisors’ network of education resource sites.

Before Edvisors, Eric served as Director of SEO for Everest Gaming, managing all of the company’s content marketing efforts. Eric also worked at SolidWorks, launching a number of inbound marketing initiatives, such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, blogging and podcasting.

Eric received a bachelor’s degree in English from Tufts University.

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Anita Myles – Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Anita Myles serves as Vice President of Business Development for Edvisors. Anita is responsible for revenue growth through the nurturing and development of advertiser relationships. She is passionate about helping students succeed through the exchange of engaging, timely, and relevant information.

Prior to joining Edvisors, Anita served as the National Sales Director for American Student Assistance (a former student loan guaranty agency in Boston). In addition to leading the overall sales effort, she led cross-functional work teams on various projects, and was active in discussions with college chancellors, presidents, and other c-suite officers to learn about the current demands and needs of campuses and their students. Anita has spent a collective of 23 years to date in higher education financing, having worked for companies such as Citibank, EdFund, NextStudent and Chase Education Finance.

Anita holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Sacramento, as well as an MBA in Marketing.

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