Is there really a scholarship for making a prom outfit out of duct tape?

Yes. Students can win thousands of dollars for college by making prom attire out of duct tape.

Duck Brand Duct Tape has run the Stuck at Prom scholarship contest annually since 2000.

Most people think that making a prom outfit out of duct tape would be boring, since everybody knows that duct tape is gray. But, duct tape actually comes in more than 250 colors and patterns, which is precisely the point of the promotion.

Students enter by creating a prom outfit out of duct tape. They must wear the outfit to their school-sponsored prom and submit pictures to the contest web site. Winners are selected based on workmanship, originality, use of colors, accessories and use of Duck Brand duct tape. Each member of the winning couple will receive a $10,000 college scholarship. The school that sponsored the prom attended by the winning couple also receives a $5,000 prize.

Visit the web site for amazing pictures of the current and past winners and runners up.

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