How much can I borrow in Direct Loans if I'm an undergraduate?

Student loans borrowed through the Direct Loans program by undergraduates are subject to both annual and aggregate (cumulative) limits.

The loan limits are based on your grade level and dependency status:

  • Independent students can borrow more because they are paying for college without assistance from their families.
  • Dependent students whose parents were denied a Parent PLUS Loan are eligible to borrow at the independent student limits.

Even if you are financially self-sufficient and paying for your education on your own, dependency status is still determined by the information you provide on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

If you have exhausted your federal student loan limits, you might want to consider private student loans, which allow you to borrow up to the total cost of attendance minus other financial aid received.

Direct Loan Borrowing Limits for Undergraduates

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Direct Loans Borrowing Limits for Undergraduates Bar Chart