Filing the FAFSA Archive

Each year, Edvisors publishes a new version of Filing the FAFSA to correspond with any changes made by the U.S. Department of Education. This page provides an archive of download links to previous editions of the book.

Information from previous versions of the book may not correspond with what appears in the current FAFSA, but much of the advice will still be relevant and helpful.

2015-2016 Academic Year

Filing the FAFSA, 2015-2016 Edition (Cover)

Filing the FAFSA, 2015-2016 Edition, is available for free download in PDF format

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2014-2015 Academic Year

Filing the FAFSA Guide Book

Filing the FAFSA, 2014-2015 Edition, is available for free download in three formats:

ePUB IconePUB: Compatible with many smartphones and eReaders (iPad, NOOK, Google Books)

MOBI IconMOBI: Native format for Kindle Fire, Kindle Readers and Kindle App

PDF IconPDF: Can be opened on any device with Adobe Reader software

Please note: If you are having trouble downloading the book, try right-clicking on the link to the book’s file and selecting “Save” or “Save As” or “Save Target” (the wording will vary depending on the web browser). Sometimes this works better, since the web browser doesn’t try to display the book as it downloads it.

Choosing the Right File Format

Device Recommended File Format(s) Transfer Instructions
PC / Mac

  • Open with iBooks or Google Books
  • Open with Adobe Reader
  • Open with Kindle App
iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch
  • Open file directly on your device with iBooks
  • Open with iBooks on your Mac and sync with your device
  • Open with Adobe Reader
Kindle Fire / Kindle Reader / Kindle App MOBI
  • Open file directly on your device
  • Open on your computer and send the file to your Kindle via email*
  • Open with Adobe Reader or Kindle App
  • Open file from your device with preferred eReader application
  •  Open with Adobe Reader
NOOK / NOOK Color / NOOK Tablet
  • Connect your NOOK to your computer and drag the file into your NOOK’s “My Documents” folder
 Sony Reader / Other eReaders
  • Connect your device to your computer and move the ePUB file into your device’s “Documents” folder 

*To set up the Kindle email feature:

  • Go to your Amazon account and click the “Manage Your Kindle” link.
  • Under “Manage Your Devices,” find your Kindle email address.
  • Add “free” to the email address, following this example:
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