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Home Financial Aid Newsletter February 05, 2020 Newsletter

February 5, 2020 Financial Aid Newsletter

Black History Month Quote

Should I Take the SAT?

College-bound high school students may be wondering if the SAT is really necessary for application and admittance. Most colleges still require either SAT or ACT scores as part of the application process, but that's not the only reason to take the SAT. Learn how SAT scores may help to reduce your tuition and make you eligible for more scholarships.

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Scholarships for African-Americans

Scholarships are a great way to earn additional money for school (sometimes even a free ride!). In celebration of Black History Month and our commitment to helping student achieve their educational dreams, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best scholarships for African-American and minority students.

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Diversity Scholarships

Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology

Chrysalis Scholarship Fund

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships

The Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship

Lagrant Foundation Scholarships

Efficient Repayment

How to efficiently pay your student loans

Yes! There is a right way to pay off your student loans faster. The Edvisors, Elaine Rubin, tells you how in this short video that can help you save money on your loans!

Consolidating Student Loans With a Private Student Loan Refinance

Refinancing your student loans can simplify your life by reducing the number of payments you make each month, changing your repayment terms, and potentially lowering your interest rate. Find out if student loan refinancing is right for you.

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