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Tips for Comparing Student Loans

After scrutinizing your financial aid package, you may find that you come up a little short. In that case, make sure you know what to look for in a private loan. Here are some tips to help you compare your options.

  • Look at the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). APR includes associated fees and is a better comparison point than interest rate alone.
  • Know your fees and limits. Compare origination and application fees, along with any borrowing limits.
  • Learn about fixed and variable rates Private loans now give you the option to choose between fixed or variable, and the rates may even be lower than Federal loans for some borrowers.
  • Find a cosigner with great credit. More than 90% of approved private loan borrowers applied with a cosigner.
  • Compare repayment benefits such as payment plans, deferment options, and auto-debit or relationship discounts.

Learn more about comparing loan options.

The Seven Scholarships

This monthly section of the Edvisors Financial Aid Newsletter features an intriguing list of scholarships that share a common characteristic. We hope this section will make you smile and inspire you to apply for more scholarships.

LBGTQ Scholarships

  1. IES David Porter Diversity Scholarship
  2. LEAGUE Foundation LGBTQ Scholarship
  3. Live Out Loud Scholarship
  4. NGPA Aviation Scholarships
  5. NOGLSTP – Out to Innovate Scholarships
  6. Out to Protect Scholarship
  7. Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship


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  • $1,000 Summer Spectacular Scholarship 2016 (6/30/16)
  • ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship (9/16/16)

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Ask the Edvisor®: Your Questions, Answered


I am currently an undergraduate in college. My parents and I are in the process of completing my 2016-17 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Can my sibling attending graduate school be included in the number in college on the FAFSA?


If your parents will provide at least one-half of your sibling’s support for the upcoming award year (i.e., between July 1, 2016 and the following June 30, 2017), even though the sibling would be considered independent for the award year (i.e., a graduate student), the sibling can be included in the parents’ household size as well as in the number in college.

Term of the Month

Loan Servicer

A loan servicer is a company that manages sending out statements and coupon books and collecting payments on a loan, as well as other customer service functions. Some lenders service their own loans, while others outsource it to a third party company that specializes in servicing loans.

See more terms in the Edvisors glossary.

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