November 2014 Newsletter

November 2013 Financial Aid News Thanksgiving

Seven Prestigious Scholarships

  1. Fulbright Scholarship
  2. Gates Millennium Scholars
  3. Intel Science Talent Search
  4. Marshall Scholarships
  5. National Merit Scholarship
  6. Rhodes Scholarship
  7. Harry S. Truman Scholarships

Winning the Scholarship Seeker’s Game

November is National Scholarship Month, the perfect time to step up your game in your college scholarship search. The process can feel pretty overwhelming. JustGoogle the word "scholarship" and try to wade through the 158 million results.

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Monthly Stats

How the Typical Family Pays for College

How the Typical Family Pays for College

Source: How America Pays for College, Sallie Mae

Ask the Edvisor: Your Questions, Answered


Is it true that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed scholarships each year? How can my son get his share?

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Every dollar borrowed will cost about two dollars by the time you repay the debt.

Term of the Month

Negative Amortization

Negative amortization occurs when the loan payments are less than the new interest that accrues.

Hot Money Tips

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