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May 6, 2020 Financial Aid Newsletter

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Financial Aid Adjustments and Appeals

No one anticipated COVID-19 and the financial effects it would have nationwide. We know many students right now are finding themselves in a position where they may need to appeal for more financial aid. As of right now, Congress has not changed the guidance for the financial aid appeals process. Learn about the adjustment and appeals process and how to request additional aid. Read more

Deferment and Forbearance

During this difficult and unprecedented time, many student loan borrowers are struggling to make their payments. Deferment or forbearance can be helpful to keep your loans in good standing. Read more

To see how forbearance is being used to help borrowers with loans owned by the U.S. Department of Education, read our blog, What Students and Student Loan Borrowers Need to Know About COVID-19.

Student Loans for Graduate School

Thinking of attending graduate school? You’ll want to know all of your student loan options as well as other financial programs, such as grants, scholarships, assistantships and more. Check out our comprehensive article on ways to pay for graduate school. Read more

5 Scholarships

  1. American Legion Baseball Scholarship
  2. Thomas B. Cowley Sr. Memorial Scholarship Program
  3. The Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarships and The Walter J. Travis-Rudy Zocchi Memorial Scholarship
  4. Billy Welu Scholarship
  5. BigSun Scholarship 2020