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October 14, 2020 Financial Aid Newsletter

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg FAN

Edvisors’ 2021-2022 FAFSA® GUIDE

It’s October which means…FAFSA season is here. In 2019, we had thousands of site visitors reach out to us on asking for help to complete the FAFSA. We picked up on the main areas of confusion to drive the creation of our 2021-2022 Guide to Filling the FAFSA.
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FAFSA Financials

Filing the FAFSA doesn’t need to be confusing, even when reporting financial information. Students and parents, we broke down what you need to know to make this part easier.
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FAFSA Deadlines

Did you know the earlier you file your FAFSA, the more aid you may receive? Make sure you know your FAFSA deadlines, including federal, state, and school. Some states award aid on a first-come, first-served basis. So, what are you waiting for?
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6 Scholarships

Foodie scholarships:

  1. Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarships
  2. National Dairy Shrine Scholarships
  3. National Poultry & Food Distributors Association Scholarships
  4. National Potato Council Scholarship Program
  5. James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program
  6. American Academy of Chefs Culinary Scholarships

Alert! Filing the FAFSA: Learn How and Avoid Common Mistakes

This year we are excited to announce that we have added a series of videos to help students and parents.
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Elaine Rubin Senior Contribution and Communications Specialist