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November 13, 2020 Financial Aid Newsletter

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Top Ten Tips on How to Win Scholarships

Find out the most effective methods of increasing your chances of winning a private scholarship. These 10 tips will help you get the best chances of getting that scholarship.
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How to Write and Proofread Scholarship Essays

Many feel that they cannot write an essay that is good enough to win a scholarship. Find out how to choose the right essay topic, write with confidence and proofread like a pro.
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What Does My FAFSA Dependency Status Mean?

The FAFSA will classify you as either a dependent or independent student. You may be wondering what this means and how it will affect your financial aid. Read on to find out what these classifications mean, or see if you have a special circumstance to change your dependency status.
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5 Scholarships

Competitive but lucrative!

  1. Fulbright Scholarship
  2. Marshall Scholarships
  3. National Merit Scholarship
  4. Rhodes Scholarship
  5. Harry S. Truman Scholarships

FAFSA Financials

Reporting financial information accurately on the FAFSA is important. In this video, The Edvisor, Elaine Rubin, answers questions such as how to handle a 529 savings plan on the FAFSA, how student and parent assets are considered, and how the FAFSA verifies the reported assets. Watch here:

Elaine Rubin Senior Contribution and Communications Specialist