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Scholarships and Fellowships for Graduate Students

There are many scholarships and fellowships to help graduate students pay for graduate school. Some of these scholarships and fellowships are very prestigious and generous. Our scholarship and fellowship tools and resources help students locate these awards and make the most of your scholarship search.

Resources for Graduate Student Scholarships and Fellowships

Hints, tips and advice for finding Graduate Scholarships

  • File the FAFSA early. Some colleges and scholarship programs require applicants to have completed the FAFSA before applying for a scholarship.
  • Remember the golden rule for scholarships: Money flows to the student, never the other way around. If a scholarship asks for money, a bank account number, credit card number or other personal information, it is almost certainly a scam.
  • Some companies and organizations will conduct scholarship searches for a fee. Some even “guarantee” that the student will win a scholarship. Such guarantees are bogus. Don’t spend money searching for scholarships, when better quality information is available online for free.
  • A good bit of advice is to search two of the free scholarship matching services, such as and one other, such as and There is enough overlap in the scholarship matches listed by most scholarship databases that it isn’t worth paying to search low-quality paid scholarship search services.
  • Be wary of scholarship scams. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has posted warnings about fraudulent and deceptive scholarship and how to avoid being taken.
  • Finally, follow all application instructions carefully. Meet all deadlines and follow up to ensure all materials get to the appropriate party in a timely manner.

Graduate School Loans

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