What We Do

College Student Marketing and Advertising

Edvisors Network is a top 2,500 online network reaching more than 5 million high school and college students, educators and parents each month through our sites and monthly email marketing campaigns. If you are interested in reaching this highly targeted and educated demographic (primarily 16-30 year olds), Edvisors is a great place to be. The three categories in the Edvisors Network are:

Edvisors Student Services provide educational resources, advice, products and student services including college search and admission advice, student rewards, banking and credit advice, online degree programs and student credit comparison tools.

In total, 30,000,000 students will visit our network of sites this year. Our mailing list consists of almost 3.5 million millenials, (15% high school, 60% undergraduate college students, 15% graduate student and 10% parents) Key sites include HowToGetIn.com, GraduateCenter.com and ScholarshipPoints.com. View our entire Collection of Sites.

One of our more innovative Edvisors Services is ScholarshipPoints.com which offers free college scholarships and scholarship contests for more than 3 million college student members. Joining is free and easy for students! Members win by earning points and entering them into monthly sweepstakes for our free scholarship offers. Members earn points by logging in each day, completing surveys and reviewing other sites and services. We help high school and college students pay for college as our way of thanking them for providing feedback on our services and supporting our network of Edvisors websites. Visit ScholarshipPoints to learn more.

Student Loan Network (SLN) offers loans, scholarship and financial aid information to college and university students and families through a network of 15 financial aid websites.

Our partnership with Envisage International provides our partners with access to an International Students, including InternationalStudent.com, offering resources and advice for US students abroad and international students throughout the world.

  • Averages 5,000,000 international college student visitors per year with a mailing list of 300,000 subscribers

Why Partner with us?

Edvisors co-registration program has yielded a much higher quality lead than we expect from an affiliate partner and in higher numbers than we would have predicted. We are thrilled with our results” – Director of Panel Acquisition, National Market Research Firm.


There are a variety of opportunities available. Please contact us to discuss your education marketing objectives. We can tailor a campaign to meet your particular needs and objectives. We offer:

Email Marketing

Reach more than 3 million college students as a sponsor of our monthly Financial Aid Newsletter. Targeted emails specifically tailored to your need to target specific demographics are available on request.

Paid College Promotion

Promote your sites or service to thousands of college students through a variety of online channels and sites. Edvisors offers multiple opportunities for you to reach the college student audience, generally the 16 - 30 year old demographic.

Online Education Listings

Sponsored Listings

Banner and Hot Button Advertising

Our base rate is $10 per 1,000 impressions on one of our sites. (i.e.: If you want to your banner ad to appear 10,000 times on our site, the cost will be $100.)

Targeted Campaigns

Target specific markets by advertising on specific pages or on selected websites.

The majority of our market currently is made up of:

  • High School Students: 15%
  • College Students: 60%
  • Grad Students, Recent Graduates and Parents: 25%