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Edvisors In the News

Edvisors is frequently quoted in news media coverage of scholarships, student loans and financial aid for college. Edvisors is cited by reporters and journalists more often than any other college planning web site. Read these articles that mention Edvisors.

Alicia Adamcyzk | CNBC

Posted on: 03/13/2020

"If you’re still working and your finances have yet to be impacted by recent events, it’s best to keep making payments on time, says Elaine Rubin, senior contributor and communications specialist at Edvisors."

Turbo | Intuit TurboTax

Posted on: 01/01/2020

"Taxable income is the base number used to calculate how much an individual or company owes the government in taxes for a given tax year. Since tax season is upon us, you may be wondering what you owe or will earn this year in taxes."

More Media Mentions

News media organizations count on Edvisors as a valuable source for financial aid information and expertise. Review these news articles to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the higher education industry.

Annie Nova | CNBC

Posted on: 09/15/2020

"If your lender is unable to make an accommodation for you, it’s time to look at some of your other bills and debts, said Elaine Rubin. "

Cheryl Winokur Munk | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 09/07/2020

"Many federal student-loan borrowers will get a reprieve from loan payments through Dec. 31, thanks to the executive order from President Trump last month that extended relief that had been set to expire Sept. 30. But payments were only deferred, not forgiven, so as things now stand many federal-loan borrowers will be on the hook for eventual repayment."

Annie Nova | CNBC

Posted on: 08/24/2020

"The U.S. Department of Education has announced that most student loan borrowers don’t need to resume their payments until next year. CNBC spoke with student loan experts, including our in-house expert, Elaine Rubin. "

Jennifer Vishnevsky | Cosmopolitan

Posted on: 08/19/2020

"“At the start of the year, you need to make a plan about how much money you will have to spend for your everyday life expenses,” says Rubin. Basically, it's how-to-be-an-adult boot camp."

Cheryl Winokur Munk | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 06/04/2020

"The good news is there are many free or low-cost resources available for borrowers who need help understanding their debt, or who want advice on getting out of debt and viable options for their specific circumstances."

Bobbi Dempsey | Fox Business

Posted on: 03/19/2020

"“There are many reasons why college costs keep driving up, one of them being demand,” said Elaine Rubin, spokeswoman for Edvisors, a financial aid advisory firm. The popular notion that a college degree is necessary to succeed creates demand for limited spaces, she noted."

Annie Nova | CNBC

Posted on: 03/14/2020

"Still, Elaine Griffin Rubin, senior contributor and communications specialist at Edvisors, said many colleges’ refunds dwindle as students get deeper into the semester."

Cheryl Winokur Munk | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 03/08/2020

"Borrowers who are having trouble making federal student-loan payments shouldn’t panic. There may be options for relief."

Bobbi Dempsey | Yahoo News

Posted on: 02/05/2020

"The prospect of adding something else to your schedule—and your budget—can be scary. Yet the potential rewards could make the sacrifices worth it. Here are some tips, based on my own experience."

Annie Nova | CNBC

Posted on: 01/31/2020

"Although many Americans have student loans, mortgage companies will still evaluate these outstanding debts while making their decision to approve or deny these borrowers,” said Elaine Griffin Rubin, senior contributor and communications specialist at Edvisors."