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Student Loan Payment Calculator

Estimate your monthly loan payment prior to borrowing, or get an idea of the total amount you will repay at the end of your repayment term.

This calculator will provide you with an estimated payment amount, assuming a fixed (unchanging) monthly payment throughout your repayment term.

How Much Will My Student Loan Payment Be?

Our calculator will help you estimate your:

  • Monthly student loan payment
  • Total interest charges
  • Total amount repaid (principal plus interest over the life of the loan)

You may have other loan repayment options based on your loan type. Federal student loans have multiple repayment options. The repayment options on private student loans will depend on the terms and conditions of your loan.


Loan Payment Calculator
{{loan.adjustedBalance | currency:'$'}}
Fees Paid:
{{loan.feesPaid | currency}}
Monthly Payment: {{loan.monthlyPayment | currency}}
Interest Paid:
{{loan.interestPaid | currency}}
Number of Payments: {{loan.numPayments}}
Cost of Loan:
{{loan.costOfLoan | currency}}
Payoff Date: {{loan.payoffDate}}
Loan Type:
Calculate Payment

Grand Totals

Total Monthly Payment:
{{grandTotals.monthlyPayment | currency}}
Total Fees Paid:
{{grandTotals.feesPaid | currency}}
Total Interest Paid:
{{grandTotals.interestPaid | currency}}
Total Cost of Loan:
{{grandTotals.costOfLoan | currency}}

Total Paid

Principal Interest Fees
{{chart.fees | currency}}
{{chart.interest | currency}}
{{chart.principal | currency}}

Total Paid without Prepayment

Private loan options for {{}}

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This calculator is provided for informational purposes only. Calculated results are based on many factors, including the assumptions provided by the user. We cannot and do not provide any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to result accuracy or applicability to the user's particular circumstances. It is the responsibility of the user to verify that all of the output and resulting calculations are correct. This calculator should not be used by anyone to make material financial decisions and should be used solely for informational purposes. Actual terms will be set by your lender or your school. We encourage any user to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.

The results of this calculator are not based on any information provided by or an affiliation with any school.

What are my private student loan options?