Student Loan Calculator

This student loan calculator shows the monthly loan payment, total interest paid and total payments based on the interest rate and length of the repayment term. It assumes level amortization, where every payment is the same. This includes the standard and extended repayment plans for student loans.

You can also check out our Student Loan Consolidation Calculator if you are interested in seeing the effect of combining multiple loans. And if you're looking to save money and potentially reduce your interest rate, we have private student loan consolidation options as well.

Loan Payment Calculator
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Fees Paid:
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Monthly Payment: {{loan.monthlyPayment | currency}}
Interest Paid:
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Cost of Loan:
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Grand Totals

Total Monthly Payment:
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Total Fees Paid:
{{grandTotals.feesPaid | currency}}
Total Interest Paid:
{{grandTotals.interestPaid | currency}}
Total Cost of Loan:
{{grandTotals.costOfLoan | currency}}

Total Paid

Principal Interest Fees
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{{chart.interest | currency}}
{{chart.principal | currency}}

Total Paid without Prepayment

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