What are my private student loan options?

Private Student Loan Lenders

Compare Your Private Student Loan Options

  • Competitive rates and no origination fee for degree-granting institutions
  • Choose from multiple repayment options, including no payments while in school1
  • Borrow up to 100% of your school-certified cost of attendance2
  • Easy online application accessible on all devices
  • Exclusive Study Starter benefit, a free loan benefit for undergraduate borrowers with line 24/7 online tutoring, that can help students make the grade3
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Sallie Mae® Smart Option Student Loan® for Degree-Granting Institutions

When grants, scholarships, and federal aid are not enough, choose the Smart Option Student Loan. You can apply for the money you need for college, and the flexibility you want.

  • Competitive variable interest rates — starting from 3.87% APR to 10.75% APR1 (Competitive fixed interest rates also available.)
  • No origination fee and no prepayment penalties
  • Easy online application accessible on all devices
  • Get a 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction while enrolled to make scheduled monthly payments by automatic debit2
  • Borrow up to 100% of your school-certified cost of attendance3
  • If a parent or other creditworthy individual cosigns the loan with you, it may give you a better chance of approval
  • You may apply to release your cosigner from the loan after you graduate, make 12 on-time principal and interest payments and meet certain credit requirements4   

Sallie Mae Private Student Loan Full Terms and Information

  • Approval based on academic performance and financial need1
  • No cosigner required to apply for a loan
  • Support throughout college to keep students focused on graduation
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Sixup is more than a loan

The Sixup loan is a responsible loan for four-year college students with little or no credit history (although it will be reviewed if you have one), who may not have a co-signer and need additional funding to round out their gap. Sixup’s services help students stay in school and maintain a good work-study balance.

The Sixup loan is designed to serve high-potential, low-income students who are underserved by traditional banks and don't have access to the capital they need to attend their best choice college.

Sixup Loan Eligibility

  • Your permanent address is in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Virginia or West Virginia.
  • Four-Year College. You are enrolled in a four-year institution or will be attending one when the loan starts.
  • US Resident. You are a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • 18 Or Over. You are over the age of 18 (or have a co-signer over the age of 18).
  • Strong Academic Performance. Sixup looks at things like grades and courses, and you'll need to upload your transcript during the loan process.1
  • Loan Size. You have a minimum need of $2,500 and maximum need of $15,000 per academic year. 2,3

Sixup Student Loan Full Terms and Conditions

  • Apply online in as little as 3 minutes and get an instant decision
  • Competitive fixed or variable rates*
  • Choose to defer or start paying right away to save on the total cost
  • 5-star customer rated application process
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Get the money you need for school quickly and at a great price.

  • Low rates, free to apply, and no disbursement fees
  • Borrow up to 100% of the school-certified cost of attendance (minimum $2,000)1^
  • The most repayment choices - and help making sense of them
  • 0.25% interest rate reduction when you make payments by automatic debit2^
  • No penalty for early repayment

We get it. You want to pay as little interest as possible and have monthly payments you can afford. That's why the College Ave Student Loan Product has low rates and multiple repayment options to help you manage the total cost of the loan.

College Ave Student Loan Full Terms and Information

  • Cover up to 100% of your school-certified college costs1
  • Get a great rate with no fees required
  • 1% cash reward for good grades2
  • Simple application—You could get a response in minutes
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Discover® Student Loans

  • Discover Student Loans provides options for Associate or Bachelor's degree programs at eligible colleges and for Masters and Doctoral degree candidates at eligible graduate schools.
  • Each year, you can borrow up to 100% of your school-certified cost of attendance (including tuition, housing, books and more) minus other financial aid. Aggregate loan limits apply.
  • Apply today! Choice of great fixed or variable interest rates.
  • $0 fees required. That means you will not be required to pay any fees, including application, origination or late fees.
  • Choose in-school or deferred repayment option, and there is never a penalty for pre-payment.
  • Get a one-time cash reward of 1% of the loan amount of each new Discover student loan when you get at least a 3.0 GPA (or equivalent). Reward redemption period is limited.2
  • 0.25% Auto Debit Reward while enrolled in automatic payments during repayment.3
  • 6-month grace period for undergraduate loans and 9-month grace period for graduate loans.
  • By adding a cosigner, you may improve your likelihood for loan approval and may lower your interest rate.
  • Applying online is quick and easy and our knowledgeable, US-based Student Loan Specialists are ready to help you anytime 24/7. Tools and information at DiscoverStudentLoans.com can help students and parents through each step of the process — from exploring financial aid to repaying student loans.

Discover® Student Loans Full Terms and Information

  • COSIGNED loans designed with you in mind
  • AFFORDABLE fixed or variable rates with flexible plans1
  • COVER UP TO 100% of your tuition & eligible living expenses
  • NO APPLICATION FEES - Check your eligibility to apply with a cosigner in under a minute
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Ascent is built around one guiding principle: Your student loan should expand your possibilities, not limit them. Every student's situation is different, so we created the Ascent Tuition cosigned loan to help you get the additional money you need. After you make 24 consecutive on-time payments, you can request to release your cosigner.


The Ascent Tuition cosigned loan is designed with you and your family in mind.

  • Loans for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Choose from affordable fixed or variable rates1
  • No application, origination or disbursement fees
  • No penalty fee if you pay off your loan early
  • Flexible plans to postpone payments until after leaving school 2,3,4
  • Get a discount if you setup automatic payments5
  • Cover up to 100% of your college tuition and living expenses5 with a minimum loan amount of $1,000 and up to $200,000 (or total cost of attendance less aid received)
  • After making 24 consecutive on-time payments, you may be able to release your cosigner
  • Customer service that is 100% U.S.-based

Ascent Tuition Student Loan Full Terms and Information

  • No origination fees
  • 0.25% interest rate reduction for automatic payments
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LendKey Private Student Loan

Are federal loans enough to cover the cost of your college education? A LendKey Private Student Loan from a not-for-profit credit union can be the answer to your funding needs.

  • Variable interest loan based upon 3-month LIBOR index plus margin
  • Borrow as little as $2,000 or up to the Cost of Attendance per year
    • Borrow up to $120,000 in undergraduate debt
    • Borrow up to $160,000 in graduate debt
  • Use the funds for any qualified educational expense
  • No prepayment penalty and 30-day loan cancellation policy

LendKey Private Student Loan Full Terms and Information

  • Student can save $18,114, on average versus the Federal GRAD PLUS loan
  • Competitive fixed & variable rates options starting at 4.93% APR
  • Award-winning customer service every step of the way
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Student loans to pay for your MBA at one of 29 select schools

Need help financing your MBA? The CommonBond MBA Loan helps cover the full cost of your attendance, and saves you money over the federal loan program.

Big Savings

MBA student loans starting at 5.78% APR can save you over $10,000 vs. a federal loan.2+++ Competitive, fixed interest rates that are based on your chosen repayment term.

  • A 10-year option with a fixed interest rate of 5.59% (5.78% APR)1+++
  • A 15-year option with a fixed interest rate of 5.95% (6.09% APR)1+++


Our simple online application can be completed in minutes, so you can see your rate quickly and get on with things that manner!

Friendly Customer Service

Get your questions answered fast by our friendly care team. Whether you want to email, live chat, or call us, we're here to help you!


At CommonBond, we go beyond student loans. We've designed our community to connect you with the experiences, resources, and relationships that help you get to where you want to go.

Social Promise

Make a difference! For every degree fully funded by CommonBond, we fund the education of a student in need for a full year.

CommonBond MBA Loan Full Terms and Information

  • Competitive fixed & variable rates starting at 2.93% APR
  • Flexible 5, 10, or 15-year terms
  • Award-winning customer service every step of the way
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CommonBond Private Student Loan

Student loans to pay for college or graduate school at thousands of schools across the country

Get the help you need to pay for school with CommonBond. We’ve got your back with competitive rates, award-winning service, borrower protections, and multiple repayment options. No hidden fees, no double-digit APRs here. And we offer resources to help you make the right personal finance choices.

We’re on a mission to make student loans more affordable, more transparent, and easier to manage. We provide choices and support every step of the way, and take pride in being a partner on your educational journey. And the best part? With CommonBond, you’ll always receive a competitive rate. No double-digit interest rates here.

Here’s what you get when you choose CommonBond:

  • Flexibility: Since everyone's financial situation is different, we provide flexibility — so you can make the best descision for yourself –
    • Borrow up to 100% of your school's cost of attendance.
    • Loan terms of 5, 10, and 15 years, each available at both fixed and variable rates.
    • Multiple repayment options, from paying as you go while in school (in exchange for a lower rate) to completely postponing payments until you graduate.
  • Service: Our award-winning Care Team is available by phone, email, and live chat to answer any questions you have. Breathe easy — our experts know what you're going through!
  • Simplicity: With our easy online application, you can get approved in minutes. There are no pre-payment penalties and no hassles. No kidding.
  • Resources: We provide expert content, helpful webinars, and easy-to-use tools to help you understand the impact of your choices — so you can make the right decisions.
  • Social Promise: Your loan makes a difference. For every loan we fund we also fund the education of a child in need. We're the first — and only — lender to make that promise.

CommonBond Private Student Loan Full Terms and Information

  • Earn a 2% principal reduction reward7***
  • No application or origination fees
  • Competitive fixed and variable interest rate options
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INvestEd Student Loan

When grants, scholarships and subsidized loans don’t cover your education costs, a fixed or variable rate INvestEd Student Loan may be your best option. Families at many Indiana colleges and universities appreciate the multiple repayment plans and generous benefits the INvestEd Student Loan offers. Apply to see if the INvestEd Student Loan is the answer to your education funding needs.

Choose interest and repayment terms that work for you

  • Earn a 2.00% principal reduction reward after graduation7***
  • No application, origination or disbursement fees
  • Get a 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction while enrolled to make scheduled monthly payments by automatic debit8***
  • Competitive variable interest rates — 2.18% APR to 6.75% APR1***, 2*** (Competitive fixed interest rates also available)
  • Flexible repayment options
  • A co-signer release option is available after the initial 48 consecutive on-time monthly payments and is subject to credit approval9***
  • Tools, information and additional help limiting student loan debt from financial aid experts at INvestEdIndiana.org

INvestEd Student Loan Full Terms and Information

  • Variable and fixed rate options available
  • No application or origination fees
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PNC Solution Loan 1+

We realize that covering all of your expenses can be a challenge, especially when government loans and financial aid just aren't enough. Apply for your PNC Solution Loan today so you can get the money you need to finance your education.

  • Choose your interest rate option: variable or fixed rate
  • Get 0.50% off your interest rate with automated payments from your checking or savings account when making scheduled payments that include both principal and interest 2+
  • Enjoy flexible payment options: defer until you graduate or leave school, or start paying right away and save on interest 3+
  • Take up to 15 years to repay 4+
  • Stay focused on your education - we'll send funds directly to your school
  • A co-signer release option is available after 48 consecutive on-time monthly payments and is subject to credit approval 5+

PNC Private Student Loan Full Terms and Information

What are my private student loan options?