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Edvisors' YouTube video library is a great place to get answers to your financial aid and college questions. Check out the listings below for video content on these and other relevant topics.

Paying for College

Subsidized vs Unsubsidized Loans

The Truth About Cosigners

How Do Private Student Loans Work?

Private Student Loans vs. Federal - Explaining the Difference

What Is an Origination Fee?

What Is a Good APR Rate for a Student Loan?

Can I Refinance Some of My Student Loans?

How Does Financial Aid Work?

When Will I Get My Financial Aid?

What is a 529 College Savings Plan?

Should You Refinance Your Student Loans During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How does Student Loan Interest Work?

Financial Literacy

Don't Be Fooled By Student Loan Scams

Financial Literacy Tips Part 1: Budgeting and Saving

Financial Literacy Tips Part 2: Setting Goals

Financial Literacy Tips Part 3: Budgeting for Fun

Ask the Edvisor Livestreams

Financial Literacy Tips Part 3: Budgeting for Fun

Ask the Edvisor: Finding Scholarships for College

Ask the Edvisor Live: Getting Ready for Fall 2021


Filing the FAFSA: Learn How and Avoid Common Mistakes

FAFSA Financials

What is the EFC?

Financial Aid for Students

How to Get Your First Credit Card

How Much Can I Borrow in Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans Explained: What Loans to Borrow First

Can You Use Student Loans for Living Expenses

Financial Aid for Parents

What is a Private Parent Student Loan?

How Parent Student Loans Work: Expert Advice on PLUS and Private Options

What is a Parent PLUS Loan?

Should Parents Pay for College?

Refinancing a Parent PLUS Loan into the Student's Name

Repaying Your Student Loans

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Part 1: Best Ways to Start

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Part 2: Keeping Up With Your Payment Strategy

Efficient Student Loan Repayment Part 3: Loan Forgiveness & Wrap Up

Going to College During Covid-19

Covid & College: Financial Aid

Covid & College:  Transferring Schools

Covid & College: Taking Gap Year & Leave of Absence

Covid & College: Living on Campus & School Protocols

Covid & College: School Policy Changes & The Refund Policy

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