College Student Lists

Edvisors manages a network of popular education websites marketing products and services to college students and recent college graduates. These sites connect our community to education-related information and services such as college admissions help, financial and credit products, scholarships and career services.

As Internet marketing and new media experts, we have successfully positioned ourselves at the online intersection of education, financial services and the 16-30 year old demographic. We reach more than 30 million students and parents each year through added-value content, interactive members-only sites, blogs, social media, email marketing and newsletters which helps us continually build our college student lists.

Unmatched Quality Traffic

We operate over 25+ websites that generate approximately two million views each month. This traffic is 95% organic, generating the highest quality leads for our partners. Search for leading college and student loan keywords and one or more of our sites will be listed among the top free listings. (Examples: Stafford loan, scholarship, student credit card, college reviews). This organic traffic makes our college student lists more valuable then our competitor’s because these students have actively searched for our products and services.

About Our Network Demographic

Our network of 25+ sites attracts an engaged, highly sought-after demographic.

With Edvisors college student lists, you will gain access to a highly targeted, action-oriented demographic.

In addition to college student lists, Edvisors also offers multiple advertising opportunities.

Data Delivery

Edvisors College Student List is compiled daily. We can deliver data to you on a short notice on any workday. If you are interested in periodic deliveries, we can schedule them in monthly, weekly or daily intervals. Edvisors supports all common delivery methods: secure FTP, Email, DVD and Web Services (SOAP).

List Maintenance

Edvisors strives to maintain high quality data at all times. For example our email addresses have a 98% deliverability rate.

The following cleansing step are performed on regular basis:

  • Address Standardization (CASS Certified™)
  • Address Verification (through DPV™ software)
  • Email Deliverability Verification and Removal of Hard Bounces
  • Suppression Against Internal Opt-out List
  • Adherence to CAN-SPAM rules

Requesting Samples

While we are very proud of the quality and uniqueness of our data, we understand that you might want to run a small test on our data before making a full commitment. We would be happy to provide you with a random sample from our College Student List data repository that would be most relevant for your testing. Please contact us to request a sample.

Pricing and Usage Terms

Our Pricing and Usage Terms are on par with the prevelant market prices and terms. Special consideration is given to volume buyers, repeat buyers, list aggregators and wholesalers. Please contact us to request a quote.