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Should You Refinance Your Student Loan?

Jean Chatzky | Fortune

Posted on: 10/15/2014

"Around the time of the credit crunch, consolidating federal student loans stopped making a lot of sense. Sure, you could do it if you were looking for administrative ease, but you weren't going to save much, if anything, on the interest rate."

The Best 529 College Savings Plans — Handicapping the Rankings

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 10/24/2014

"This week Morningstar released the results of its annual survey of 529 College Savings Plans. Morningstar puts each fund into its Good, Better, Best ranking system, dubbed Bronze, Silver and Gold."

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News media organizations count on Edvisors as a valuable source for financial aid information and expertise. Review these news articles to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the higher education industry.

4 Steps for Prepaying Student Loans the Smart Way

Susannah Snider | US News and World Report

Posted on: 11/24/2014

"After Teresa Borrenpohl earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from Montana State University, she didn't want her student loans weighing her down, even for the standard 10-year repayment timeline. 'It wasn't just 10 years – I didn't want my loans around for five years,' she says."

When Calculating U.S. College Costs, Proceed With Caution

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 11/24/2014

"U.S. colleges have started, however reluctantly, to share more information about what students might actually pay to attend - the so-called net price. But the calculators that Congress has forced schools to provide since 2011 are often hard to find, vary widely in quality and should be used with some caution."

Lenders Shift to Help Struggling Student Borrowers

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 11/19/2014

"Thousands of people struggling to pay back student debt are in line to get a break as two big lenders roll out programs to ease loan terms. After years of resisting the move, Wells Fargo & Co., which has $11.9 billion of private student loans outstanding, has decided to lower interest rates for all eligible borrowers for the first time starting this month, and it also plans to extend repayment periods starting in February." (Subscription Required)

7 Ways to Stop Student Loans From Ruining Your Life

Julie Halpert | CNBC

Posted on: 11/18/2014

"It's not surprising that 7 million students in the U.S. defaulted on their college loans during the third quarter of 2014, according to the Department of Education. The average amount of loan default per borrower: $14,014."

Perkins Loans Are Petering Out as Federal Funding Dries Up

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 11/17/2014

"The Federal Perkins loan, a program that provides low interest loans of up to $5,500 per year to help mainly low-income students finance their post-secondary education, is set to expire at the end of the year. Loans can currently be obtained by students at 1,700 colleges and universities."

A Guide to Figuring Out Your Real Cost of College

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 11/17/2014

"Many parents will not learn how much they must pay for their children's college education until financial aid packages arrive this spring. By then it may be too late to get a better deal. Families need to be smarter about this if they want to avoid drowning in debt."

Does Disability Erase Student Loan Liability?

Liz Weston | Los Angeles Times

Posted on: 11/16/2014

"My nephew was persuaded by a recruiter to attend a for-profit technical college. Then, once he entered, his 'advisors' persuaded him to take many, many classes — at full price — always handing him student loan paperwork to get more loans."

Average College Grad Now Leaves School With $28,400 in Debt

Kim Clark | Money

Posted on: 11/14/2014

"Student debt has hit another record—with the typical 2013 college grad who borrowed commencing post-collegiate life with loan bills totaling $28,400, according to a Project on Student Debt report released Thursday. That number is up 2% over the class of 2012, who owed $27,850."

U.S. College Borrowing Drops 8%

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 11/12/2014

"Borrowing for U.S. colleges declined for the third year in a row as the federal government clamped down on for-profit schools and families became more cost-conscious. Federal and private-loan lending totaled $106 billion for the 2013-14 academic year, down 8% from the prior year, according to a report to be released Thursday by the nonprofit College Board." (Subscription Required)

What To Do When You Haven't Saved a Dime for Your Kid's College Education

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel | The Washington Post

Posted on: 11/12/2014

"Your high school senior comes home with a stack of college applications. As thrilled as you are, you get a sinking feeling because you've saved nothing to cover the costs of her dream school. Now what?"

How Much Would You Pay to Get Your Kid Into Harvard?

Barbara Booth | CNBC

Posted on: 11/12/2014

"Two months before 17-year-old Alexa of northern New Jersey—a national merit scholar, Girl Scout Gold Award recipient and standout soccer player—planned to submit her application to Amherst, anxiety set in. Even though she met all the requirements to land her on the college's competitive playing field, she wanted an independent education counselor (IEC) to give the final nod on her application."

How to Avoid the Disappearing College Financial Aid Trap

Miriam Kerler | Forbes

Posted on: 11/6/2014

"When this year's high school seniors begin receiving their college acceptance letters, many parents will say 'congratulations' and then ask 'how much money did they give you?' But as my classmates and I at American University discovered the hard way, parents (and students) should be asking an even more difficult question: how much will they give you, and how much will this school cost us, over four years?"

When Student-Loan Payments Come Due

Lindsay Gellman | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 11/6/2014

"Alexandra Langley is no stranger to compromises. The 22-year-old, who graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Neb., in May, worked 20 hours a week at a child-advocacy nonprofit as part of her financial-aid package, on top of her full-time studies. Ms. Langley then chose to forgo a potentially high-paying career path to focus on her passion for public policy at a Washington, D.C., think tank, earning $33,000 a year in a city where dollars don’t stretch very far."

This Is the Only Holiday Gift You Should Get for Your Grandkids

Catey Hill | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 11/5/2014

"Skip the mall this holiday season — that is, if you want to give your children and grandchildren a gift they'll appreciate for decades to come. A survey released Wednesday by Upromise found that more than seven in 10 parents would prefer their children receive money towards college as a holiday gift, rather than a physical gift."

The Way-Early '529' Gift

Peter S. Green | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 11/3/2014

"So you just threw your daughter a big wedding. Now comes the not-so-obvious next step: setting up '529' plans for the future grandchildren."

The Right Way to Borrow for College

Sandra Block | Kiplinger

Posted on: 11/1/2014

"You've no doubt heard stories about recent college graduates with minimum-wage jobs and six-figure student loans. Or parents who can't afford to send their children to college because they're still paying off their own student debts."

How Much Student Loan Debt Is Too Much?

Kaitlin Pitsker | Kiplinger

Posted on: 11/1/2014

"As you're crunching the numbers, consider how much debt your student will be able to afford after college. Most students borrow to finance their education—to the tune of an average $29,400 per borrower for the class of 2012. But how manageable that debt is depends on the student's career path."

Will This Get Millennial to Buy Homes?

Matt Egan | CNN Money

Posted on: 10/31/2014

"One Wall Street firm has an idea that's raising eyebrows: forgive some student debt for first-time homebuyers. It's too early to say exactly how the stimulus measure BlackRock (BLK) suggested would work, but it would take Congressional action because the federal government administers the majority of student debt."

Time's Up: 5 Tips to Tackle Student Loan Debt

Alex Veiga | Associated Press

Posted on: 10/29/2014

"Tackling a hefty new monthly expense can be daunting, particularly for recent grads who haven't found steady work. But grads have many options for making student loan payments more manageable, even putting them off, if they qualify."

Can I Pay Down Student Loans with a Credit Card?

Jeanine Skowronski | BankRate

Posted on: 10/29/2014

"Chris asked the Credit Card Adviser this question: I want to pay off my student loans gradually with credit cards. Will this strategy be good for my credit score?"

College Board Pulls Back 2014 Trends Release Due to Data Snafu

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 10/28/2014

"The College Board, which administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), has pulled back its 2014 Trends in Higher Education series, set for release Monday following a Friday press conference. The 2014 Trends release, which went up Friday, was taken off-line and replaced with a message that does not say when the revised report would be available."

How We Pay for College Is Broken

Jeff Selingo | Entrepreneur

Posted on: 10/28/2014

"The September unemployment numbers released recently by the Labor Department confirmed what most of us already know: having a college education matters in getting a job. Some 75 percent of Americans with a bachelor's degree are either working or looking for a job (the so-called participation rate), compared to just 58 percent of those with a high-school diploma."

Surviving the Big Pay Off

Maria Castellucci | Columbia Chronicle

Posted on: 10/27/2014

"Russell Harrison might never have paid off his student loans if he hadn't had his debt consolidated. Upon graduating in 2008 from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, after receiving a bachelor's of arts in music composition, he owed $40,000–50,000 in private and federal student loans."

Personal Finance: What if I Can't Pay Student Loan?

Robert Powell | USA Today

Posted on: 10/19/2014

"If a person owes $150,000 for private student loans, is there any way to negotiate a lower amount to pay off the loans? Also, if one lets the loan go into 'foreclosure,' how does this affect his credit and for how long? It seems that people walked away from mortgages with greater losses than this and seem to have been forgiven."

Why College Tuition Payments Don't Belong On a Credit Card

John Wasik | Forbes

Posted on: 10/17/2014

"For years, the benefits of having a 'rewards' credit card have paid me — and millions of other cardholders — back in terms of free airline tickets and other goodies. I just flew to New York on reward miles I earned on my credit card. Yet a rewards card is not a good place to lodge your college tuition payments."

Tax Credits for College Can Help Ease Costs

Ann Carrns | The New York Times

Posted on: 10/17/2014

"With all the worries about rising college costs, lower- and moderate-income families should keep in mind that there are federal tax benefits that can help ease the financial burden of getting an education. For instance, there are two tax credits available that can lower your tax bill while you, or your child, are in school."

Student Loan Refinancing Will Save You Money -- If You Don't Actually Need It

Danielle Paquette | The Washington Post

Posted on: 10/15/2014

"On paper, refinancing student debt — like refinancing a mortgage – is a logical way to save cash. The idea: You often apply for education loans as a penniless teenager and, ideally, graduate four (or seven or 12) years later with a steady job and a healthier credit score."

What to Know if Your College Loses Federal Funding

Susannah Snider | US News and World Report

Posted on: 10/14/2014

"A group of 21 institutions, mostly for-profit technical and beauty colleges, are on the precipice of losing federal funding unless they successfully appeal. They landed on the list for having default rates topping 40 percent for one year or at least 30 percent for three consecutive years."

With Increasing Enrollment, More Students Seek Financial Aid

Daniel Wheaton | Daily Nebraskan

Posted on: 10/13/2014

"As the University of Nebraska-Lincoln seeks to boost its enrollment numbers, unseen forces are in play to make sure the university doesn't break its bank. Chancellor Harvey Perlman wants to grow UNL's student body to 30,000 students by 2020, and many of those students will need hefty financial aid packages. However, there's one big problem."

Prepaying Student Loans May Mean Less Money in Retirement

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 10/12/2014

"Rising student loan debt may be hampering young people's ability to buy homes or even move out of their parents' basements. But that does not mean student loan borrowers always should be in a hurry to pay off this debt."

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Using a Credit Card for College Tuition Rings Up Fees

Susan Tompor | Detroit Free Press

Posted on: 10/8/2014

"Paying for one's college tuition by going online and using a credit card sounds super convenient. But it's also a really easy way to get hit with hundreds of dollars in extra fees."

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This Costly Mistake Can Double Your College Tuition Bill

Catey Hill | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 10/7/2014

"Stop putting college tuition on your credit card — even if you pay off that balance in full and on time. According to a survey released Tuesday by CreditCards.com, parents and students who pay their college bill with a credit card face an average 'convenience fee' — a fee that colleges are charging you simply for swiping that card — of 2.62%."

Why Student Loans Are Bad For Your Health

Catey Hill | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 10/7/2014

"Want to know how grim the student loan debt problem is? Just ask our nation's graduates and former college students, roughly half of whom say that had they known the impact student loans would have on their lives, they would have considered not going to college at all."

Containing the Cost of Applying for College

Kelley Holland | CNBC

Posted on: 10/3/2014

"If you are worried about the cost of college, you have plenty of company. College tuition hikes have been outpacing inflation for years, and nearly three quarters of the class off 2012 graduated with student loans."

The Department of Education Could Be Flunking Guaranty Agency Oversight

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 10/3/2014

"The Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Education (ED) criticized the Department's oversight of the agencies it pays to insure and administer federally guaranteed student loans. The inspector general's findings were disclosed in a report released last week."

Unusual Loan Program Lets International Students Borrow Later, Repay Quickly

Beckie Supiano | Chronicle of Higher Education

Posted on: 10/3/2014

"There's lots of interest these days in finding alternative ways to finance a degree. But the advice of experts hasn't changed: Students who need to borrow for college should start with federal loans, which have fixed interest rates, more favorable terms, and income-based repayment options." (subscription required)

Where College Planning Stands Today

Adam Zoll | Morningstar

Posted on: 10/2/2014

"Get the latest read on tuition inflation, the best values, financial aid trends, mounting student debt, and more from Edvisors' Mark Kantrowitz."

To Get a Job at Goldman, Travel the World First

Akane Otani | Bloomberg Businessweek

Posted on: 10/1/2014

"With its pick of well-groomed, Ivy League-educated students to choose from every recruiting season, Goldman Sachs (GS) is like the really popular kid everyone wants to be friends with. Those who paid $995 to gain entry to a higher education conference in New York on Tuesday were given exclusive insight into how to get into that clique by a Goldman executive whose job includes overseeing recruitment: Be a global citizen."

Choosing a College Major by Age 16 Pays Off. Here’s Why

Lydia Frank | Money

Posted on: 10/1/2014

"Forget the old thinking that kids could wait until college to decide a major. Today, they really ought to be making this decision before their junior year of high school."

Is Grad School Worth It? 7 Steps to Calculating the ROI

Laura Shin | Forbes

Posted on: 9/30/2014

"People go to graduate school for various reasons. For some professions, like medicine, law and academia, a higher degree is required. For others, the question of whether or not to go is not so cut and dried."

Beware of Offers to Refinance Federal Student Loans

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 9/29/2014

"People with federal student loan debt now have a few options to lower their rates with private consolidation loans, but consumer advocates warn they could be giving up vital protections in doing so."

What It's Like to Graduate from College with the Lowest-Paying Major

Danielle Paquette | The Washington Post

Posted on: 9/29/2014

"Early childhood education grads earn an average of just $27,000, often restricting the profession to the privileged."

The CNN 10: Hacking College


Posted on: 9/26/2014

"For many of us, college is a defining experience. It's where we expand our thinking, make lifelong friends and learn how to live on our own. It's also where we get a leg up in launching our careers. College graduates have better access to full-time jobs, and the median annual earnings for full-time working adults ages 25–34 with a bachelor's degree is $46,900, compared with $30,000 for those with a high school diploma."

Court Hears School Choice Case in the Sunshine State - Devil in Default Rate Details?

Caitlin Emma | Politico

Posted on: 9/24/2014

"A Florida school choice program will come up in Leon County circuit court today, marking the latest installment in a fight between school choice advocates, a Florida teachers' union and the families of severely disabled students."

Navigating Student Loans and Avoiding Mountains of Debt

Kimberly Wiggins | WOFL-FOX 35

Posted on: 9/23/2014

"It's that time again -- time for high school seniors to apply to college. Many students will consider location, reputation, and degree options when deciding on the right school. However, new studies reveal the price tag could be one of the most important factors."

The Debt That’s Robbing Seniors of Their Social Security

Beth Braverman | Fiscal Times

Posted on: 9/22/2014

"The Senate failed to vote this week on a bill that would have allowed millions of Americans to refinance their student loans at today's low rates. Though the bill focuses on providing financial relief to struggling young adults, it turns out millennials aren't the only ones trying to dig out from crippling mountains of student debt."

Mistakes Parents Make With Financial Aid

Charlie Wells | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 9/21/2014

"Most families know the basics of college financial aid: Several months before school starts, students apply for assistance, parents detail their financial situations, and then everybody waits for the powers that be to tab the bill."

Parents Worry That High College Costs Will Hurt Their Retirement, Survey Shows

Herb Weisbaum | Today

Posted on: 9/19/2014

"As families struggle to pay the skyrocketing costs of higher education, a growing number of parents are concerned that the money they borrow for their child's tuition will hurt their retirement."

Student Loan Debt Is Not Just a Young Person's Problem

Steve Rosen | The Kansas City Star

Posted on: 9/19/2014

"Think long and hard before taking on debt to pay for your child's college education. Those loans could come back to haunt you in your retirement years. A look at new data from two reports suggests that many aging baby boomer parents are having trouble paying back federal student loans taken out to send their children or even grandchildren to college."

6 Ingenious Ways to Save Money on College Applications

Gianna Sen-Gupta | Huffington Post

Posted on: 9/18/2014

"Paying for college doesn't just begin in your first semester freshman year. Rather, prospective college students can expect to start funding their higher education in high school -- when they send in their college applications. According to the National Association of College Admission Counselors, almost one-third of high school seniors apply to seven or more colleges."

Student Loan Debt Can Jeopardize Seniors' Retirement

Pamela Yip | Dallas Morning News

Posted on: 9/14/2014

"At first glance, the news appears good: Comparatively few households headed by older Americans carry student debt compared with other types of debt, according to a new report. The U.S. Government Accountability Office found that about 3 percent of households headed by those age 65 or older — about 706,000 households — carry student loan debt."

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3 Tips to Score More Financial Aid

Chris Couch | The Motley Fool

Posted on: 9/13/2014

"Incoming freshmen, beware of the front-loaded financial aid package. To entice new students to enroll, some schools offer freshmen substantial 'merit aid' -- awards that are based on qualifications other than financial need -- then sneakily reduce those scholarships and grants in subsequent years, leaving upperclassmen with bigger college bills."

That Selfie Is So Good, It Could Help You Pay for College

Ann Carrns | The New York Times

Posted on: 9/11/2014

"When 18-year-old Kiana Neisig added up her expenses for college, she found herself short of funds, even after receiving grants and student loans. So in June, a friend set up a profile for her on a crowdfunding website to help her seek donations of roughly $2,000."

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How Much Will College Cost in 25 Years?

Kelli B. Grant | CNBC

Posted on: 9/10/2014

"Mounting college costs and student loan debts present a substantial dilemma for those planning to start families in the next few years: What will the cost, and value, of a college education look like 25 years down the line?"

Middle-Class Families See Fastest Growth in Cost, Even After Receiving Aid

Colleen Murphy | The GW Hatchet

Posted on: 9/8/2014

"Middle-class families saw the amount they pay after receiving their financial aid packages rise at a faster rate than any other income group over five years. Experts say GW has to not only help the poorest families, but also weigh how to lure families who can pay more out-of-pocket."

Corcoran Mismanages Transfer of Scholarships and Veteran Benefits

Jacqueline Thomsen | The GW Hatchet

Posted on: 9/8/2014

"National Guard veteran and Corcoran student Dominic Fredianelli officially became a GW student last month, but his GI Bill benefits and $10,000 annual scholarship were left behind. The junior, who served for six years and completed a tour in Afghanistan, spent a week trying to find out where his federal housing stipend and scholarship had gone."

College Debt at an All-Time High

Crystal Moyer | WJST Jacksonville

Posted on: 9/3/2014

"For those of you who graduated from college this past spring, you are part of the graduating class with the most debt ever. According to a financial report by Edvisors, the class of 2014 graduated with an average student loan debt of $33,000; nearly double what it was 20 years ago."

How Much Student-Loan Debt Is Too Much?

Beckie Supiano | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Posted on: 9/3/2014

"The Chronicle asked students, recent graduates, parents, and experts a simple question: What is the most you should borrow for a bachelor's degree?"

At UVa, Warner Talks Proposals for Dealing with Student Debt Burden

Dani Kass | The Daily Progress

Posted on: 9/3/2014

"In the latest of a string of stops at campuses across the state, U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner on Wednesday pitched proposals to ease student debt. The former governor spoke to about 100 students at the University of Virginia, where tuition has been a hot topic both on Grounds and on the school’s Board of Visitors."

Student Debt Burden Holding First-Time Buyers Back

Realtor Magazine

Posted on: 9/3/2014

"Carrying student loan debt is making it more difficult for many young professionals to qualify for a mortgage. Recent college graduates with student loan debt who want to own a home will need to earn about one-third more annually — or $8,969 more — than those who are debt-free, according to new research by the real estate data firm RealtyTrac."

Tackling Diploma Debt

Jerilyn Klein Bier | Financial Advisor

Posted on: 9/2/2014

"Think the college-savings years fly quickly? Just wait until school begins. One minute, parents are hauling heavy milk crates up four flights in a freshman dorm. Before they can catch their breath, their kids are grown up and graduating—and the college loans are due."

7 Ways to Save on Student Loans, Featuring Edvisors.com

Steven Richmond | BadCredit

Posted on: 9/2/2014

"Now exceeding $1.2 trillion, student loan debt has become the second largest form of consumer debt in the United States behind mortgages. What's worse, many of the indebted are young Americans who're just beginning their careers."

5 Secrets to Landing the Job You Really Want

Kerry Hannon | Money

Posted on: 9/1/2014

"Dream of venturing forth into a new and rewarding career? Navigate your journey with expert help from people who know the territory."

Be More Realistic About What You're Saving for College

Susan Tompor | Detroit Free Press

Posted on: 8/31/2014

"Good intentions alone — and maybe cutting out a few restaurant dinners — won't cover a college tuition bill, of course. But there appears to be a real disconnect between what many parents plan to contribute toward college and how much money they're saving."

Interview with Mark Kantrowitz

Christina Romans | CNN Money

Posted on: 8/30/2014

"It's happening in every high school in America, students preparing for college, taking the SATs, visiting schools, filling out applications, and figuring out how to pay for it all. College is not an expense, it's an investment."

Back To College? Six Ways To Avoid Financial Food Fights

John Wasik | Forbes

Posted on: 8/29/2014

"No matter what kind of gloss you put on it, going to college is stressful. You have to study, make the grade — and pay for it all. Some two-thirds of millennials say they were unprepared for life events like college because 'they didn't prepare for the financial implications,' according to a new survey by TD Bank."

5 Steps to Calculating Your College R.O.I.

Kate Ashford | Forbes

Posted on: 8/29/2014

"Whether you're helping your college-bound teen choose the perfect school or getting serious about that second degree yourself, you've likely experienced a bit of sticker shock over college prices. And who can blame you? Prices for tuition and fees have grown by over 1,200% over the past three decades."

College Student Loan Lessons and Advice: Plain Dealing

Sheryl Harris | Cleveland Plain Dealer

Posted on: 8/29/2014

A panel of experts participated in an online chat session to answer questions about student loans. This article summarizes the event and provides links to other resources.

College Grads Face High Hurdles to Buying First Homes

Quentin Fottrell | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 8/28/2014

"The ladder to home-ownership is a lot steeper for debt-laden graduates. They need to earn a lot more money if they want to buy a home — in some cases, over 50% more. Recent graduates who are saddled with student debt and want to get on the property ladder will have to earn roughly one-third more annually (or $8,969 more, on average) than those who are debt-free."

Shortening College Time to Save Cash: Stunt or Real Solution?

Kate Rogers | Fox Business

Posted on: 8/28/2014

"With college costs continuing to outpace inflation and student debt being hailed as the next bubble of doom, some schools are coming up with creative alternatives to pare down costs. Purdue University is just the latest college to debut a three-year degree in communications, promising savings of between $9,000 and $20,000."

College Scholarship: How A Little Strategy Can Up Your Chances

Diane Lee | WSAV Savannah

Posted on: 8/28/2014

"Government data shows tuition soared more than a thousand percent in the last 35 years. Now the amount in scholarship money is also on the rise. But you need to plan ahead to get a piece of the pie."

Bringing Tech Culture to the Staid College Quad

Molly Wood | The New York Times

Posted on: 8/27/2014

"College has its problems. It's expensive, it has some outdated traditions and it has a tendency to produce graduates who struggle to find jobs in the rapidly changing economy. In the parlance of the tech industry, higher education is ripe for disruption."

Sallie Mae Re-Branding: This Rose By Any Other Name Still Has Thorns

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 8/26/2014

"The spin-off of Sallie Mae's student loan servicing arm from its consumer banking business seemed designed to suggest that nothing drastic was happening. Just as innocuous--or mysterious--is the servicer's new name: Navient."

How Much Student Loan Debt is Too Much?

Jon Fortenbury | USA Today

Posted on: 8/26/2014

"If you graduated from college this past spring, you're part of the most indebted graduating class ever. According to a government data analysis by financial aid experts at Edvisors, the class of 2014 graduated with an average student loan debt of $33,000."

What Your College Kid Isn't Telling You About Money

Chris Taylor | Reuters

Posted on: 8/25/2014

"It is an American rite of passage. Little Johnny finally grows up, goes off to college, and starts handling money on his own. He probably spends a little too much, and racks up some debt. Does Johnny tell mom and dad the truth - or keep it a secret?"

Paying for College: How to Tackle That Financial Aid Letter, Get Money from Your School, and More

Arabelle Sicardi | Teen Vogue

Posted on: 8/25/2014

"College is all about new experiences and teachable moments—but before that, most students have to learn a whole new language just to figure out how to pay for it in the first place. FAFSA? EFC? Subsidized loans? Federal grants? Private loans? Disbursement? No wonder the line at your university's Financial Aid Office is always out the door."

Should Children Help Pay for College?

Pamela Yip | Dallas Morning News

Posted on: 8/24/2014

"As college-bound students head to campus, parents are preparing to shell out bucks for tuition, room and board, fees and other costs. I'd like to pose a question to those parents: Do you think your children should pay for part of their college costs? Many parents believe so."

When Grandparents and 529 Plans for College Savings Clash

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 8/22/2014

"You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth—unless it is your grandparents offering to help pay for college via a 529 plan. Grandparents increasingly are opening such accounts to help cover their grandchildren's college costs. But their well-intentioned efforts could hurt students' chances for getting financial aid." (subscription required)

Cosigning a Student Loan Risky for Parents

Susan Tompor | Detroit Free Press

Posted on: 8/21/2014

"One question is bound to pop up as college students head to campus: 'Hey, Mom, would you cosign for a student loan?' And too often that knee-jerk reaction is 'Sure, why not?' Parents and grandparents feel they should help out when it comes to getting a college diploma and contribute to building up all that college debt."

Why You Might Want More Than One College Savings Account

Kerri Anne Renzulli | Money

Posted on: 8/21/2014

Reader question: "I have college savings for my children in both education savings accounts (ESAs) and 529s. Is there a difference in the way those accounts are calculated for potential financial aid? Would there be any benefit to consolidating into one type of account?"

Families Cover Over 40% of College Costs

Scott Gamm | Main Street

Posted on: 8/19/2014

"Parents are helping their kids pay for college and are relying less on loans, according to a new study. In the Sallie Mae survey, families said they would cover 42% of college costs, compared to just 27% last year. Loans accounted for 22% of college tuition, representing a five-year low."

Five Top Secrets to College Financial Aid

John Wasik | Forbes

Posted on: 8/18/2014

"Let's face it, qualifying for college financial aid is complicated. Colleges use formulas that are opaque and hard to understand. There are lots of factors to consider. I know, because I'm about to go through this gantlet as my oldest daughter applies for college."

How to Win the College Scholarship Game

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 8/15/2014

"With tuition and fees at a four-year private college or university averaging $30,094 a year, many students need help making ends meet. The good news is that scholarship money being handed out by corporations, foundations and other private-sector benefactors is on the rise." (subscription required)

The Administration's Forced Extinction of For-Profit Colleges

Harry C. Alford | The Hill

Posted on: 8/15/2014

"Imagine if the federal government decided to regulate hospitals and medical clinics by judging them strictly by their ability to achieve specific outcomes for their patients — as opposed to measuring their quality of service — or else funding would be cut off, causing them to close their doors."

Digging Through Data for the Real Story on Student Loans

Sandhya Kambhampati | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Posted on: 8/14/2014

"On Friday, the U.S. Department of Education released new data on student-loan repayment that included figures on loan delinquencies—potentially good news for those interested in how well students are faring when it comes to paying back their loans."

Are College Aid Planners Worth the Money?

Mandi Woodruff | Yahoo News

Posted on: 8/14/2014

"The college financial aid application process can be tough for any family to manage on their own, but is it worth the money to bring in a professional? Certified college aid planners and consultants promise to help families maximize their chances of securing financial aid."

Help Is on the Way for Repaying Student Loans

Ann Carrns | The New York Times

Posted on: 8/13/2014

"If you are struggling with student loans that you took out before October 2007, there is a new, more generous option in the works that may help you manage your debt payments. In June, President Obama signed an executive order that expanded the 'pay as you earn' program."

10 Smart Ways to Spend $1,000

Stephanie Steinberg | US News and World Report

Posted on: 8/13/2014

"Say $1,000 unexpectedly landed in your lap. How would you spend it? Perhaps you'd hit the casino. Take your friends to the swankiest restaurant in town. Or splurge on those designer shoes you've been eyeing."

Expert Advice: 6 Tips for Saving Money on College Applications

Gianna Sen-Gupta | NerdWallet

Posted on: 8/12/2014

"Paying for college doesn't just begin in your first semester freshman year. Rather, prospective college students can expect to start funding their higher education in high school—when they send in their college applications."

Illinois Community Colleges Pursue Offering Four-Year Degrees

Kristin Decarr | Education News

Posted on: 8/11/2014

"Community college presidents in Illinois have formed a committee to look into allowing four-year programs in the state's community colleges. Similar policies are already in place in 20 other states. For example, a '2 plus 2 partnership' is in place in Syracuse, New York. Students can begin their degree at Onondaga Community College and finish up at Cazenovia College without worrying about which credits will transfer."

Military Wages War on Bad Grades

Annie Baxter | American Public Media

Posted on: 8/8/2014

"As of September, active service members who tap the military's tuition assistance program could be financially on the hook if they get bad grades. Active members of the military can get up to $4,500 a year in tuition assistance. Under the current rules, they just have to pass classes they take off-duty to get tuition covered up to 100 percent, depending on the branch of the military they're in."

Private College Loans Can Be Cheaper Than Federal Loans

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 8/7/2014

"For many families, private college loans are much cheaper than federal student loans now—a reversal from as recently as one year ago. While the federal government has increased interest rates on its loans for the 2014-15 academic year, most private lenders have kept their rates steady for parents with high credit scores." (subscription required)

A Parent's Worst College Financing Fears

John Wasik | Forbes

Posted on: 8/6/2014

"My wife and I have just finished a round of college tours with my 17-year-old daughter. No one emotion describes our experience. It’s a combination of joy, hope, promise, fear and dread. The joyous part is knowing that our daughter will find a great school that meets her needs, won’t leave her in debt and will provide some basic tools upon which to build a career or two. Then there’s the dread part, which most of us parents tend to over-focus on."

Employer-Funded Tuition Need Not Be a Trap

Dr. Don Taylor | BankRate

Posted on: 8/6/2014

A student in an advanced degree program asks for advice about tuition assistance, student loans and the requirement to remain with the same employer for three years after completing the program.

Big Student Loans? Consider Life Insurance

Blake Ellis | CNN Money

Posted on: 8/5/2014

"If you're co-signing big student loans for your child, you may want to buy a life insurance policy while you're at it. While no one wants to imagine the death of their child, taking out insurance on your son or daughter -- or asking them to purchase their own plan -- will protect you from being hit with mountains of debt should tragedy strike."

A Guide to Graduating With Less, or Even No Debt

Teresa Mears | Miami Herald

Posted on: 8/3/2014

"More than two-thirds of college graduates today leave school in debt. The average student loan debt is $33,000 for a 2014 graduate, but there are some stories of students owing $100,000 or more. The crisis is serious enough that President Barack Obama has directed the Department of Education to come up with ways to help young people manage their debt."

College Lock Tuition, Match Aid to Keep Students Out of Debt

Debra Erdley | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Posted on: 8/3/2014

"Schools are responding to worry among students and their families about the soaring cost of a college education in response to a combined national student loan debt that eclipsed $1 trillion two years ago. Some colleges plan to lock tuition and subsidy rates for four years to help low-income students who agree to graduate on time. Others will match student aid to keep pace with tuition increases."

No-Debt College Not a Real Option Anymore

Chabeli Herrera | Miami Herald

Posted on: 8/2/2014

"As tuition and borrowing continue to skyrocket, income, grant aid and work study programs fail to keep up."

5 Start-Ups That Make Paying Back Student Loans Easier

Jane Burnett | NBC News

Posted on: 8/1/2014

"Young, tech-savvy graduates often go from celebrating their diplomas to figuring out how to tackle their student loan debt in a matter of weeks. Knowing where to begin can be difficult. However, specific money management start-ups are currently lighting up the digital arena."

Is an Associate's Degree the New Bachelor's Degree?

Catey Hill | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 8/1/2014

"More parents are sending their children to two-year colleges, but will this negatively impact their children's future earning power? According to Sallie Mae's 'How America Pays for College' study released this week, enrollment in two-year public colleges has skyrocketed in just the past four years: In 2010, 23% of families reported having children enrolled in a two-year public colleges, but this year, those numbers had ballooned to 34%."

Headed Back to School?

Jean Chatzky | AARP The Magazine

Posted on: 8/1/2014

"It's one of the questions I get asked most often: Do you save for your children to attend college or for your retirement? The answer is the latter — because there's plenty of financial aid for college but no financial aid for retirement."

The Best Way to Give Your Grandkid Cash for College

Kerri Anne Renzulli | Money

Posted on: 7/31/2014

A reader, who will soon a first-time grandparent, submitted a question to Money's “Ask the Expert” panel about saving for a grandchild's college education. Edvisors financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz provides the answer.

Do College Students Need a Safe to Protect Against ID Theft?

Susan Tompor | Detroit Free Press

Posted on: 7/31/2014

"Back-to-school ads aren't just featuring deals on backpacks and blue jeans. The other day, I spotted an ad that highlighted a colorful, small safe to bring to your college dorm room. It's one more sign that college students need to think about ID theft and keeping good credit, along with good grades."

Parents, You're Paying for College Wrong

Catey Hill | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 7/31/2014

"According to Sallie Mae's 'How American Pays for College' study released Thursday, many parents are paying for college in ways that experts say aren't smart. Fully one in 10 parents borrow money to pay for their kids' college (we’re talking just about parental borrowing, not child/student borrowing, which happens at much higher rates), the survey revealed — which, in the simplest terms, is a mistake."

How Today's Student Loan Debt Is Failing Future Generations

Chase Peterson-Withorn | Forbes

Posted on: 7/30/2014

"A college education is seen as one of the best paths to success, but the debt associated with it may be a significant roadblock to achievement.  For some, the 'ticket to the middle class' doesn't end with a diploma, but when student loan balances are paid. Millennials are learning this lesson the hard way—those entering the job market today face some of the toughest conditions in recent memory."

How MONEY Ranked Colleges: An In-Depth Look


Posted on: 7/28/2014

"Now that college is, typically, the second-largest financial expenditure for a family—only buying a home is typically more expensive—parents and students are increasingly taking a harder look at the costs and payoffs of any college they consider. To assist them, MONEY has sifted through the research and advice of dozens of the nation's top researchers on education quality, financing, and value to develop a new, uniquely realistic, and practical analysis of the likely costs of colleges and their contribution to how much graduates ultimately earn."

Student Loan Repayment Scams: How to Avoid Being Ripped Off

Herb Weisbaum | NBC News

Posted on: 7/28/2014

“Millions of Americans are struggling to pay off their student loans and desperate to find a way to lower those monthly payments. Scammers know this, so they’ve created phony student loan ‘debt relief’ companies that promise to help – for a price.”

Game On: Digital Tools Teach Kids Money Lessons Through Play

Lisa Bertagnoli | Creditcards

Posted on: 7/28/2014

“In the digital age, video games have joined pencils and calculators as tools for teaching kids to handle money. Not every game is a win for young minds, but when done right, games can help overcome the tedium of learning dry financial topics.”

FAFSA Snafu: Student Aid Applicants Could Get Jobbed By Coding Glitch

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 7/25/2014

“Coding glitches at the Department of Education (ED) may have put thousands of student aid applicants—and their federal funds—at risk. ED's Free Application for Federal Student Aid—the FAFSA form, which is the gateway to almost all student aid, has revamped data fields that call for annual income to be represented as numerical dollar amounts.”

How to Get Relief on Your Student Loans (Without Paying for It)

Jean Chatzky | Fortune

Posted on: 7/23/2014

"You can pay a company to help you lower your monthly loan payments, but you could also choose a different repayment plan free of charge."

A New Hope for Student Loan Defaulters

Christine DiGangi | Credit

Posted on: 7/23/2014

"A change to the federal student loan program this month presents a huge opportunity to borrowers who have defaulted on their loans from the government. Loan rehabilitation allows borrowers to return to current repayment status, access the benefits offered to borrowers in good standing and have the default removed from their credit history."

How to Cut Down on College Costs

Lou Carlozo | Christian Science Monitor

Posted on: 7/21/2014

“College in the US can be expensive, but there are ways to make college cheaper. For example, look into colleges that offer free tuition in exchange for working on campus, or considering living off-campus with parents if the college is close by.”

3 Financial Aid Questions to Ask Before Applying to College

Kelsey Sheehy | US News and World Report

Posted on: 7/21/2014

"Student loan debt is a top concern for parents of aspiring college students. But that concern often doesn't translate into planning, a recent survey finds. In fact, while 85 percent of parents are worried about how student debt might affect their child in the future, nearly half of those surveyed said they won't weigh the cost when helping their child choose a college, according to Discover Student Loans."

Amid Student Loan Defaults, Aid Threatened

Kathleen Pender | San Francisco Chronicle

Posted on: 7/19/2014

"The threat of losing all federal financial aid - including Pell grants and work-study jobs - if too many former students default on their student loans has caused more community colleges to stop offering federal student loans altogether, according to a report issued last week by the Institute for College Access & Success."

The Rise of Student Loan Consolidation Scams (and Options for Actual Help)

Candace Manriquez | American Public Media

Posted on: 7/18/2014

"Here’s a handful of student loan numbers for you. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, current student loan debt is nearing $1.2 trillion. An estimated 7 million borrowers are now in default; behind on $100 billion in debt. All of which adds up to a juicy market for companies looking to cash in on people with student debt troubles."

The Important Difference Between For-profit and Nonprofit Colleges

Robert Shireman | Huffington Post

Posted on: 7/17/2014

"I am sympathetic to the instinct to ignore the question of whether a college is accountable to owners (for-profit), or, alternatively, is answerable to a financially disinterested board (nonprofit or public). While there is a higher incidence of problematic behavior at for-profit colleges, there are also nonprofit and public institutions that don't do right by students and the public interest."

Debt Demons Discover Student Loans

John Wasik | Forbes

Posted on: 7/16/2014

“It was only a matter of time. The debt demons have discovered people burdened with student debt and have started preying upon them. By ‘demons,’ I’m referring to the rapacious scoundrels going under the guise of ‘debt settlement’ companies who pounce on people deeply in debt and promise to get them out of it.”

Paying for College: Managing Debt After School

Erin Danly | Avvo NakedLaw Blog

Posted on: 7/15/2014

"The first article in this series covered how to pay for college before going and the second covered how to pay while attending. In the third and final installment, we look at how to pay for college after graduating, by handling student loan debt."

Payback Time for Student-Loan Scams?

Adriene Hill | American Public Media

Posted on: 7/14/2014

“Here’s a handful of student loan numbers for you. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, current student loan debt is nearing $1.2 trillion. An estimated 7 million borrowers are now in default; behind on $100 billion in debt. All of which adds up to a juicy market for companies looking to cash in on people with student debt troubles.”

Dip in Debt Offers Hope for Minnesota's Graduates

Maura Lerner | Minnesota Star Tribune

Posted on: 7/14/2014

“For the first time in years, the median student debt for Minnesota college graduates fell slightly in 2013, amid signs that student borrowing may be starting to level off after decades of record-breaking increases. The Minnesota Office of Higher Education reported Monday that ­students graduating with a bachelor’s degree had a median debt of $27,300 last year, down from $27,517 in 2012.”

First State Sues Over Student Loan Fraud

Jacob Davidson | Money

Posted on: 7/14/2014

On Monday, Illinois became the first state to sue so-called debt settlement companies for fraudulent student loan practices. The New York Times reports that two companies, Broadsword Student Advantage and First American Tax Defense, were sued for charging customers for debt assistance they never received. Debt settlement companies, which consumers pay for help consolidating their loans and decreasing their monthly payments, have long had a reputation for taking advantage of desperate borrowers eager for a quick fix.

10 Retirement Lifestyles to Explore

Emily Brandon | US News and World Report

Posted on: 7/14/2014

“Retirees finally have the freedom to choose how to spend their time. While some people are ready to relax after a stressful career, others are excited to do something different. Some people will try more than one lifestyle as they make time for leisure and then move on to engaging new activities. Consider trying these retirement lifestyles.”

The Wrong Spin on College Loans

Esther J. Cepeda | San Jose Mercury News

Posted on: 7/11/2014

“Offering spin to the painfully real problem of life-altering student debt is not helpful to the young people whose favor President Obama hopes to gain. But this didn't stop Obama from pretending that his administration is offering substantive relief to the indebted. In the process, he has set up more students, both existing and potential, to believe that their school financing choices don't have long-term consequences for themselves and their families.”

How Student Loans Will Change This Year

Chris Couch | Schools

Posted on: 7/11/2014

“The end of summer marks the beginning of a brand-new school year, and with it come changes to the financial aid system. This year, the government will raise interest rates on student loans, along with easing eligibility restrictions on the Pay As You Earn student loan repayment plan and lightening the debt burden for loan borrowers enrolled in the federal Income-Based Repayment Plan.”

FAFSA on a Post Card? Everything Old is New Again

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 7/10/2014

“In the run-up to the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA), the 49-year-old law that defines federal spending on post-secondary education, Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the top Republican on the Senate education committee, tabled legislation last month that re-invents the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is the gateway to virtually all aid to college students—private and federal.”

Why We Should Cut The Federal Financial Aid Form From 130 Questions To 2

Dennis Zeveloff | Business Insider

Posted on: 7/9/2014

"Last month, Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) announced a draft bill to simplify the process for students seeking federal financial aid. Their Financial Aid Simplification and Transparency (FAST) Act would most notably kill the 130-question, 10-page Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which determines how much federal aid families will pocket."

Apply for Financial Aid. Become a Millionaire on Paper

Suzanne Woolley | Bloomberg

Posted on: 7/7/2014

“One minute your annual income’s $50,419.20. The next? $5,041,920. Something like that happened to at least 165,000 filers of the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).”

How Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score

Divya Raghavan | US News and World Report

Posted on: 7/7/2014

"Student loans – when handled correctly and responsibly – can actually serve as a major asset in building a student’s credit history and credit score. They can result in a graduate being able to qualify for his or her first apartment, first car loan and, very often, first unsecured credit card."

Everything You Need to Know about Funding a College Education

Bob Brooks | Prudent Money

Posted on: 7/6/2014

Bob Brooks interviewed Edvisors' Mark Kantrowitz to discuss paying for college and student loan debt. Specific topics covered were average student loan debt, federal student loan payment plans, and the consequences of defaulting on federal student loans.

Student Loan Forgiveness May Be Coming in the Future

Sharon Epperson | CNBC

Posted on: 7/6/2014

"For many members of the class of 2014 who borrowed money to attend college, the clock is ticking on what is likely to be their biggest expense after graduation. They'll have to start paying back their federal student loans in November or December—as the six-month grace period that lenders give new grads comes to an end."

What It Costs to Raise a Wimbledon Champion

Kara Brandeisky | Money

Posted on: 7/4/2014

"Earlier this week, two-time Wimbledon champ Rafael Nadal, age 28, was bested by 19-year-old Australian player Nick Kyrgios—the youngest man in the draw, and the first teen in nearly a decade to knock off a No. 1-ranked player at a Grand Slam tournament."

Student Loan Interest Rates to Increase

Kimberly Hefling | Associated Press

Posted on: 6/30/2014

"Interest rates go up Tuesday for students taking out new federal loans. This hike is relatively minimal but could foreshadow more increases to come. The change stems from a high-profile, bipartisan deal brokered last year by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama that ties the rates to the financial markets."

A Great New Financial Aid Website

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | The College Solution

Posted on: 6/30/2014

"If you’ve ever spent time on FinAid, the popular website stuffed with information about financial aid, you’ll definitely want to bookmark a new website called Edvisors. Mark Kantrowitz, the founder of FinAid, and a nationally recognized financial-aid expert, left the site last year to create a new online resource at Edvisors for anyone interested in how to pay for college."

When It Comes to Paying Tuition, How to Blaze a New Path

Minnesota Public Radio

Posted on: 6/30/2014

MPR News invited special guests Miguel Palacios (Vanderbilt University) and Mark Kantrowitz (Edvisors) to discuss creative ways to pay for college. Listen to the radio program now.

How Bad is America at Saving for College?

Geoff Williams | US News and World Report

Posted on: 6/27/2014

"Whether your child is seven months old or 17 years old, you're probably thinking about what you need to save for his or her college education. Or maybe you're trying not to think about it. The good news is that while college is expensive, it's still worth saving for."

Think College is Expensive Now? Wait Until July 1

Sharon Epperson | CNBC

Posted on: 6/26/2014

"Congratulations, graduates, on your diploma. Now what about that $29,000 student loan debt? More than 70 percent of graduates will carry student debt into the real world. And the average debt is just shy of $30,000. But the news will get worse next week when interest rates on student loans are set to rise again."

Mason Sisters Share Prestigious Scholarship

Rachel Richardson | Cincinnati Enquirer

Posted on: 6/25/2014

"The Ursuline Academy graduate and Mason resident was named a Stamps Scholarship Leader at Washington University in St. Louis, which carries a four-year $289,000 scholarship that covers tuition, room and board and funds for international study or taking an unpaid internship. What are the odds of winning such a prize?"

What the New Numbers on Student Debt Really Say

Peter Coy | Bloomberg

Posted on: 6/24/2014

Recent media stories on student loan debt seem to conflict with one another. This article reveals the truth behind the statistics, including grounds for continuing concern and the bottom line about the country's student debt problem.

Student Loan Rates Rise Next Week. Don’t Freak Out—Yet

Antonia Massa | Money

Posted on: 6/24/2014

"Interest rates on federal student loans are set to rise—again—this July 1, following a nearly half a percentage point bump on Staffords last year. But before you cue the outrage, consider this: The hike isn’t likely to increase students’ or parents’ borrowing costs in any drastic way, at least not in the short term."

College Discounts for Retirees

Emily Brandon | US News and World Report

Posted on: 6/23/2014

"Paying for college is difficult at any age, but retirees have options to fund college that younger people don’t. People above a certain age can often qualify for tuition waivers, audit classes for free or register for affordable classes specifically for older students."

College Costs Top Inflation, Even With Financial Aid

Matt Rocheleau | The Boston Globe

Posted on: 6/22/2014

"Despite widespread increases in financial aid, the out-of-pocket cost to attend most of the top private colleges in Massachusetts has risen sharply since the end of the recent recession, even as family incomes have stagnated, according to a Globe review."

8 Tips for Taking Out Student Loans


Posted on: 6/22/2014

"Considering that the average student loan borrower graduates with more than $26,000 in debt, you need a strategy to keep your loan debt from ballooning out of control. After all, student loan debt could affect your or your child’s quality of life after graduation."

Navigating Student Aid Forms

Liz Weston | Los Angeles Times

Posted on: 6/21/2014

Liz Weston answers a reader-submitted question about arranging personal finances to maximize the amount of financial aid children will receive when attending college in the future.

Revenge of the Nerds: Gamers Get Athletic Scholarships

Christine DiGangi | Credit

Posted on: 6/20/2014

"Every young video-game addict’s dream just came true: There’s now a college athletic scholarship for exceptionally talented 'League of Legends' players. Robert Morris University Illinois announced June 11 the addition of an eSports varsity lineup and a new collegiate-gamer recruiting effort."

Student Debt Takes a Toll on Some Home Buyers

Josh Mitchell | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 6/20/2014

"Homeownership among Americans under age 35 hit the lowest level on record earlier this year, just as indebtedness among college grads notched a new high. That has stirred debate among economists and policy makers over whether the two forces are related: that high student debt is driving the fall in home buying among the young and harming the U.S. economy."

Starbucks Degree Program Not As Simple As It Seems

Candice Choi | Associated Press

Posted on: 6/19/2014

"The scholarship portion of a new education program Starbucks is offering to help workers pay for an online degree consists of a discount from Arizona State University, not money from the chain."

Why I Said 'Yes' When My Son Said 'No' to College

Amy O'Keefe | Christian Science Monitor

Posted on: 6/19/2014

“My son, an honors student, recently graduated from high school. He decided not to go to college, a surprise considering his father and I both work at universities. This has made me wonder what exactly is the value of a college degree.”

Student Loan Servicers to Be Scrutinized By Task Force

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 6/18/2014

"The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators—NASFAA—announced yesterday that it is teaming up with the National Direct Student Loan Coalition—NDSLC—on a joint task force that could put new pressure on student loan servicers to improve the repayment process. The Big Four servicers include Sallie Mae, The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation and NelNet."

The Venti Problem With Starbucks' Education Plan

Quentin Fottrell | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 6/16/2014

"Starbucks will send its employees back to college and help pay for their education for online bachelor’s degrees. But many low-wage employees already have college degrees and still end up working at Starbucks and, experts say, the only school the employees can enroll in is a particularly expensive one."

Starbucks Offers Online College Program to Workers

Candice Choi | Associated Press

Posted on: 6/15/2014

"Starbucks is rolling out a program that would allow its workers to earn an online college degree at Arizona State University at a steeply discounted rate. The coffee chain is partnering with the school to offer the option to 135,000 U.S. employees who work at least 20 hours a week."

College Debt: Easing the Burden of Loans

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 6/14/2014

“Repaying student loans remains a challenge for many borrowers—despite government efforts to ease the pain. President Barack Obama announced on Monday that he is expanding the Pay as You Earn Repayment Plan, which is geared to borrowers with low incomes compared with their overall federal student-loan debt.”

After Military Gaffe and Recent White House Remarks, More Scrutiny for Student Loan Servicers

Christina Scotti | Fox Business

Posted on: 6/13/2014

"On Monday, as part of his push to assist students buried in debt, President Obama said the Department of Education would be renegotiating contracts to make sure students’ best interest came first." 

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Student Debt Takes a Bite Out of More Paychecks

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 6/13/2014

“The federal government is stepping up wage garnishment of student-loan borrowers who have defaulted, another lingering effect of the nation's ballooning college debt. Just over 174,800 people who had defaulted on federal student loans saw the Education Department take some money out of at least one paycheck in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2013.” (Subscription Required)

Elizabeth Warren’s Bill to Refinance Student Loans Dies in the Senate. Now What?

Danielle Douglas | The Washington Post

Posted on: 6/11/2014

“Millions of Americans saddled with high interest on their student loans just lost a chance to have the rate lowered as Senate Republicans shot down on Wednesday legislation that would have let borrowers refinance their debt. But the fight ain't over.”

Q&A: Can I Lower My Student Loan Payment?

Susan Tompor | Detroit Free Press

Posted on: 6/11/2014

“If you’ve taken on college debt a bit before 2007, pay attention: You may be able to lower your student loan payments under an executive order issued by the president on Monday. The order would expand the number of people by up to about five million who can take advantage of a law that lowers student loan payments to 10% of their discretionary monthly income.”

Easing Student Loan Burdens On the Frontburner for Obama, Senate

David Greene | NPR

Posted on: 6/10/2014

NPR's David Greene discussed White House and Senate proposals to mitigate student loan debt with Edvisors' financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz. Listen to the story or read the transcript.

Few Benefit From Obama's Student Loan Program

Jennifer Liberto | CNN Money

Posted on: 6/10/2014

“Amid great fanfare, President Obama on Monday announced plans to help more graduates tackle student loan debt. However, the number of students that will benefit is like a drop in the bucket.”

What Obama's Plan to Lighten Loan Burdens Means for MBAs

Cory Weinberg | Bloomberg

Posted on: 6/10/2014

“With the student loan payment expansion, MBAs may feel freer to choose public service. If borrowers end up working for nonprofits or local, state, or federal government office, they can stop paying back loans after 10 years, as opposed to the 20-year relief period for graduates who go into the private sector.”

As Payments Come Due, Some Answers on Student Loan Options

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 6/9/2014

“Recent college graduates will soon face the first payment on their student loans, even as millions of families nationwide wonder how they'll settle the rising cost of college. To answer their questions, Reuters hosted a Twitter chat June 4 that included experts in financial aid, student loans and personal finance.”

6 Strategies for Keeping Student Loan Debt Down

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox | Ebony

Posted on: 6/9/2014

"Borrowing for college is unavoidable for most students. Here's how not to get buried in debt."

Could Elizabeth Warren Have Made it in Today's America?

Tami Luhby | CNN Money

Posted on: 6/9/2014

“Senator Elizabeth Warren wants every American to have the same shot at the American Dream as she did. But the senior Massachusetts lawmaker and former Harvard law professor would likely have had a much tougher time climbing up the economic ladder today.”

Who Stands to Gain from Student Loan Aid

Kelli B. Grant | Today

Posted on: 6/9/2014

“Zeroing out a student loan balance can seemingly take a lifetime, and not all borrowers will see their timelines — or costs — shortened by President Barack Obama's executive action on student debt relief. The president signed an order Monday to expand eligibility for income-based repayment plans.”

Talk to Lender Before Letting Debt Go to a Collector

Sally Herigstad | Creditcards

Posted on: 6/6/2014

"Ignoring debts or waiting for them to go to collections, however, only makes things worse as collection charges and interest are added to your account."

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Grandparents Are Paying for College ... Again

Kelley Holland | The Today Show

Posted on: 6/5/2014

"You'd think that when it comes to paying for college, once would be enough for anyone. But apparently today's grandparents are pitching in. Again."

How to Pay Off Student Loans Within 5 Years of Graduation

Susan Johnston | US News and World Report

Posted on: 6/4/2014

"As the excitement of graduation season winds down, the class of 2014 will soon need to contend with the realities of student loan payments."

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You Can Refinance a Car, But Not a Student Loan

Sally Herships | American Public Media

Posted on: 6/4/2014

"You can refinance payments for a house, a car, even a boat. So why can you not negotiate a better deal for your federal student loans and get out from under all that debt?"

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Disabled May Get Some Student-Loan Relief

Kathleen Pender | San Francisco Chronicle

Posted on: 6/3/2014

"A mother whose daughter is suffering from brain cancer wrote me recently asking how her daughter could relieve the stress of repaying student loans. The answer could provide help for others struggling with student debt and disability."

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Confusing Data Flummoxes Fixing of Student-Loan Arrears

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 6/2/2014

"A languid economy, soaring education debt and ignorance about available repayment options lead many borrowers to fall behind on their student loan payments, financial aid experts say. How high those delinquencies rates actually are, though, is an open question, which is turning into confusion on how to fix the problem."

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How Many Borrowers Struggle to Pay Student Loan Debt?

Liz Weston | Ask Liz Weston

Posted on: 6/2/2014

"What we don’t know is how many borrowers struggle to repay their loans, falling behind and potentially trashing their credit, without actually defaulting."

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State Senator's Program Attempts to Ease Student Debt

Gideon Bradshaw | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Posted on: 6/1/2014

"A Pennsylvania lawmaker is asking colleagues to consider a program aimed at easing the debt load of some students in technical fields while keeping them in the state."

What to Know About Rising Student Loan Interest Rates

McClatchy | Tampa Bay Times

Posted on: 6/1/2014

"Interest rates on federal student loans are set to rise July 1. Still, experts say, federal loans remain a good deal."

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College Diploma? Check. College Debt? Double-Check to Make Sure the Bill Gets Paid

Susan Tompor | Detroit Free Press

Posted on: 5/29/2014

"For many college grads, the top item on the to-do list is to find employment. But along with hunting down a paycheck, grads need to figure out a way to tackle all those student loans, too."

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A Student-Debt Alternative

New York Post

Posted on: 5/23/2014

"Commencement season is drawing to a close, and for the Class of 2014 that will soon mean this: Hello, real world. To which the real world hollers back: Congratulations, grads. Now pay back what you owe."

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How Much Do You Need to Earn to Pay Your Student Loans?

Krystal Steinmetz | MoneyTalks News

Posted on: 5/23/2014

"Between 25 and 33 percent of student borrowers are late paying their very first loan bill. And it continues to get worse. As many as 35 percent of borrowers under 30 are at least three months late paying their student loan bill."

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Money Minute: College Grads' Debt Up as Job Market Improves


Posted on: 5/19/2014

"The job prospects for this year's college grads have improved slightly, but they're starting their careers with more debt than any other class."

Don't Fall for College Scholarship Scams

Christine DiGangi | WCPO Cincinnati

Posted on: 5/19/2014

"Figuring out how to pay for college can be stressful and frustrating, because completing dozens of scholarship applications doesn't mean you'll get any of them. Scammers prey on this vulnerability and hope they can trick desperate students into forking over a few hundred dollars in exchange for thousands toward their educations."

Average Student Loan Debt Higher Than Ever Before

Max Hess | NBC15

Posted on: 5/19/2014

"Edvisors' financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz discussed college debt at graduation with the Madison, Wisconsin NBC station."

Grand Central: The Closer Fed Officials Get to Raising Rates, the Less Clear it is How They’ll Do It

The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 5/19/2014

"The Federal Reserve could detail more of its thinking on how it plans to go about exiting from its easy money policies when it releases minutes from its April meeting later this week."

Get Ready for Interest Rates to Rise

Susan Tompor | USA Today

Posted on: 5/18/2014

"A ho-hum interest rate environment can lull borrowers into thinking that cheap money will be with us, well, nearly forever and one might think talking about rates isn't relevant. But savers, borrowers and market watchers are wise to prepare for changes in the wind, even if huge rate increases aren't on near-term forecasts."

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Students Should Limit Borrowing, Pay Off Loans Quickly

Kathleen Pender | San Francisco Chronicle

Posted on: 5/17/2014

"It's unlikely that any of the high school or college commencement speeches taking place over the next few weeks will mention debt, other than the debt of gratitude graduates owe their parents and teachers. Yet college debt could make or break many of them financially in the years ahead."

Congratulations to Class of 2014, Most Indebted Ever

Phil Izzo | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 5/16/2014

"As college graduates in the Class of 2014 prepare to shift their tassels and accept their diplomas, they leave school with one discouraging distinction: They’re the most indebted class ever."

A Beginner's Guide to Repaying Student Loans

Robert Neubecker | The New York Times

Posted on: 5/16/2014

"Too many people, including plenty of brand-new college graduates, fall far behind on their student loan payments for no good reason. What follows is a basic guide for rookie student-loan debtors that can keep people out of some of the most common types of trouble."

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Senate, Young Invincibles Say ED Gainful Employment Rules Not Good Enough

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 5/16/2014

"Members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension committee (HELP), along with the Young Invincibles, a non-profit that advocates for Millennials, want the U.S. Department of Education (ED) to include stronger protections for students in career education programs—particularly those at for-profit colleges, where debt is often high and job prospects poor."

What to Know About Rising Student Loan Interest Rates

Carolyn Bigda | Chicago Tribune

Posted on: 5/16/2014

"Members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension committee (HELP), along with the Young Invincibles, a non-profit that advocates for Millennials, want the U.S. Department of Education (ED) to include stronger protections for students in career education programs—particularly those at for-profit colleges, where debt is often high and job prospects poor."

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6 Ways to Help an Adult Child Without Going Broke

Richard Eisenberg | Forbes

Posted on: 5/15/2014

"If you have a child about to graduate from college or have one who did The Walk within the past five years, there’s probably a question on your mind: How can I help my kid financially without going broke myself?"

Negotiating a Settlement on Student Loans

Christina Couch | BankRate

Posted on: 5/15/2014

"If you're in over your head with student loans, you're not alone. More than 1 in 7 federal loan borrowers default within three years of starting repayment, reports the Department of Education. Those figures don't account for private loan borrowers or borrowers who are drowning despite making payments."

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3 Student Loan Deadlines Every Parent Should Know

Fox Business

Posted on: 5/14/2014

"Being a student means living with deadlines. Assignments, papers, college applications -- if you miss the due date, you can run into serious trouble. While students might be able to get an extension to finish a project, applying for financial aid doesn’t work that way."

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Debt Forgiveness: How to Get Out of Paying Your Student Loans

Bobbi Dempsey | Investopedia

Posted on: 5/12/2014

"With student loan figures soaring, debt-saddled students and graduates are desperate for any strategy that may help them escape their burden. For many, the prospect of debt forgiveness may seem like a dream come true."

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Federal Dollars at Risk with LCC Student Loan Default Rate at 30 Percent

Jared Tibor | KMTR

Posted on: 5/12/2014

"The Department of Education implemented a new approach recently which could have huge consequences, according to financial aid experts."

Student Loans to Cost More This Fall

Jennifer Liberto | CNN Money

Posted on: 5/9/2014

"Students taking out government student loans could pay nearly a percentage point more in interest rates. The exact rate will be set Wednesday, based on a government bond auction."

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Student Loan Interest Rates Rise,and Likely Will for Years

Aaron Crowe | Credit Solution Program

Posted on: 5/9/2014

"Federal student loan interest rates are rising 0.8% on July 1, following a slight rise last year. For freshmen starting college in the fall, this is just the first increase in student loan interest rates they should expect to see during their college career."

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Why are Student Loan Rates Up? Blame Treasury Yields

Sharon Epperson | CNBC

Posted on: 5/8/2014

"Most federal student loans are pegged to the yield on the 10-year note that is set at Treasury's final auction each May. At that important auction Wednesday, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note was set at 2.61 percent."

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Student Loan Interest Rates Rise for 2014-2015 School Year

Janet Lorin | Bloomberg

Posted on: 5/7/2014

"Students will pay more to borrow from the U.S. government for college costs this coming school year, with the interest rate on undergraduate Stafford loans climbing to 4.66 percent."

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Managing Your School Loans on Your First Salary


Posted on: 5/2/2014

"America's college students owe more than $1 trillion on their loans. Moreover, almost 9% of borrowers under age 30 are 90 days or more behind in their payments. How can you manage your debt and avoid defaulting on your loans?"

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Hidden Risks on Some Student Loans

Steve Rosen | Kansas City Star

Posted on: 5/2/2014

"It doesn't always pay for young borrowers to add parents, grandparents or other relatives as co-signers to get a lower interest rate on a student loan from a bank. In some cases, when the co-signer dies or falls into bankruptcy, the action may trigger an automatic default."

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They Divorced, He Died, She's Stuck With His $40,000 Student Loan

Sally Herigstad | Creditcards

Posted on: 5/2/2014

"Certified Public Accountant Sally Herigstad looks to Edvisors' Mark Kantrowitz to answer a reader question about private student loan debt after a borrower dies."

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No Loans: How to Graduate From College Debt Free

Michael De Groote | Deseret News

Posted on: 5/1/2014

"Seven out of 10 students graduate with student loan debt averaging $29,400, according to the Institute for College Access and Success, an education research nonprofit. In June 2010, student loan debt passed credit card debt, and now is $1.08 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve."

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Is the Private Sector Going to Fix the Student Debt Problem?

Kate Rogers | Fox Business

Posted on: 4/25/2014

"With the average student loan debt topping, $26,000 per student, according to the College Board's latest figures for 2012, graduates are seeking out alternative means to pay off their obligations. Crowdfunding sites are cropping up that allows former students to post their fundraising goal and hope to connect with people that will make contributions to the debt loads."

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7 Tips for Dealing With College Debt

Allie Johnson and Karen Haywood Queen | Creditcards

Posted on: 4/24/2014

"If you're a new college graduate or about to become one, you've probably figured out what your first job will really be: figuring out how to get out from under tens of thousands of dollars in student loans."

Some Student Borrowers Face Default If Cosigner Dies

Eileen Ambrose | AARP Blog

Posted on: 4/22/2014

"Under the terms offered by most private lenders, institutions can demand that borrowers immediately repay a loan in full if the cosigner dies or files for bankruptcy. These so-called auto-defaults can occur even if the borrower has been keeping up with payments."

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Nasty Surprise for Some Student Loan Borrowers

Herb Weisbaum | CNBC

Posted on: 4/22/2014

"Students who take out private loans to pay for college could face a nasty surprise if their co-signer dies or files for bankruptcy: The lender may suddenly demand the loan be paid in full—or even worse, put that loan in default—even though all payments are being made on time."

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8 Tips for Taking Out Student Loans


Posted on: 4/21/2014

"Considering that the average student loan borrower graduates with more than $26,000 in debt, you need a strategy to keep your loan debt from ballooning out of control. After all, student loan debt could affect your or your child's quality of life after graduation."

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Navigating College Financial Aid

Tom Ashbrook | WBUR Boston

Posted on: 4/17/2014

"One of this NPR news station's most popular programs, On Point with Tom Ashbrook, invited guests, including Senator Richard Blumenthal and Edvisors' Mark Kantrowitz to discuss paying for college and college financial aid."

College is Becoming Less Affordable for Families

Gregory Bresiger | New York Post

Posted on: 4/13/2014

"Only half of all families with children under 18 save any money at all for college (down from 62 percent in 2009), but among that group, total college savings are up a whopping 30 percent from last year to $15,346."

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Do College Savings Hurt Your Kid's Financial Aid Prospects?

Miriam Kelliher | Consumer Eagle

Posted on: 4/13/2014

"April's designation as financial literacy month has the government urging parents to put money aside early and often to cover the skyrocketing costs of their children's eventual college education."

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The ConsumerMan Radio Show

Herb Weisbaum | KOMO Seattle

Posted on: 4/12/2014

"In this podcast, ConsumerMan Herb Weisbaum talks to experts about Big Data, financial aid award letters, taxes, consumer fraud and much more."

How to Borrow for College

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 4/11/2014

"Interest rates on federal student loans are poised to rise, giving families fresh incentive to consider borrowing from colleges, state agencies and banks, experts say. Many students are reviewing offers of financial aid for the 2014-15 school year and figuring out whether they need additional help covering tuition costs."

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New Calculator Shows Value of Texas College Degrees

Teresa McUsic | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Posted on: 4/11/2014

"College acceptance letters are out. Now it’s time for parents and students to do some math. After subtracting out the 'free' money — grants and scholarships — now is the time to bear down and really assess whether taking on student loan debt will be worth it financially after they graduate."

U.S. College Savings Jumps With Stock Market: Study

Beth Pinsker | Reuters

Posted on: 4/10/2014

"As educators and politicians work to increase college attendance across the country, they often focus on a key barrier to a higher degree: money. Studies show that students who apply for financial aid are more likely to enroll in and graduate from college, particularly as tuitions increase."

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Counselors Push High School Students to Apply for Federal Financial Aid

Dayna Smith | The Washington Post

Posted on: 4/10/2014

"Thanks to increased savings rates and a rising stock market, average balances in U.S. college savings plans jumped 30 percent in 2013 over the prior year. Still, savings lags far behind college tuition rates, which have risen exponentially in recent years."

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Parents: You're Saving for College All Wrong

Catey Hill | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 4/10/2014

"While American families have more money saved for college than they did last year, it's still not nearly enough — and they're saving incorrectly, advisors say. Only half of all families with children under 18 save any money for college."

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Decoding a College Offer Letter

Gerri Willis | Fox Business

Posted on: 4/9/2014

"It's that time of year when prospective college students all over the country are getting acceptance letters and financial aid packages. If you or a member of your family is part of this group, steel yourself. Confusion is the most common reaction to these packages."

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Ask Your Questions About Financial Aid

The New York Times

Posted on: 4/9/2014

"With financial aid award letters in hand, families are struggling to make sense of it all by colleges' May 1 deadline. Experts Richard Pérez-Peña and Mark Kantrowitz answer readers' questions about understanding financial aid award letters, filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and other issues."

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What You Don't Know About Financial Aid (But Should)

Gretchen Ertl | The New York Times

Posted on: 4/9/2014

"Even if you've solved some of life's toughest financial puzzles -- running a business, buying a home, raising a family -- none can compare to the challenge of understanding the cost of sending kids to college."

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Don't Get Fooled by Financial Aid Letters

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 4/8/2014

"The confusing and sometimes misleading financial aid letters that colleges send out this time of year can cause unsuspecting families to sign up for educations they can't afford, college experts warn."

Inside the Confusing World of Financial Aid

Kelley Holland | CNBC

Posted on: 4/5/2014

"Colleges issue financial aid awards to families on the heels of acceptance letters, and the numbers can look pretty impressive. But those award letters can also be confusing, and interpreting them the wrong way can cost you thousands of dollars."

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First Test For College Hopefuls? Decoding Financial Aid Letters


Posted on: 4/3/2014

"The first step for many families is reviewing the financial aid award letters they receive from each school. But often those letters can be confusing."

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Get More Financial Aid for College

Susannah Snider | Kiplinger

Posted on: 4/1/2014

"Income counts most heavily in the federal need equation (with an allowance for living expenses), whereas savings get off relatively lightly. Parents can expect to contribute no more than 5.6% of their assets toward college costs, after an allowance; retirement accounts and home equity are excluded altogether."

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Comparing College Costs: A Primer

Valerie Strauss | The Washington Post

Posted on: 4/1/2014

"It's the season for colleges to accept students and then students to accept colleges. Part of the decision for many students is price, but comparing the actual cost of attending different colleges can be tricky."

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Students Look for Scholarships in Some Unusual Places

Michael Alison Chandler | The Washington Post

Posted on: 4/1/2014

"As college tuitions soar and median household incomes decline, many aspiring college students face a daunting gap. Lacking well-stocked college savings plans or wealthy grandparents, they are turning to a vast and idiosyncratic private industry to help them get to college."

The Thorny Politics of Higher Education Reform

Andrew Kelly | Forbes

Posted on: 3/31/2014

"The politics of higher education policy are actually less hospitable to reform than those in K-12. Some argue that partisan polarization is to blame, which is typically code for 'the Democrats want to change things but Republicans won't let them.' To others, resistance to reform is the work of an all-powerful 'higher education lobby' that uses money and influence to thwart well-intentioned efforts to improve the system."

10 Rules for Decoding College Financial Aid Award Letters

Maggie McGrath | Forbes

Posted on: 3/31/2014

"If you're a high school student whose family income doesn't qualify for the 1% club, there's a very good chance that the most important day of your college application experience won't be the day you turn in all of your applications or the day you get accepted to your first school."

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Princeton Parents Win Jackpot With Low-Interest Education Loans

Janet Lorin | Bloomberg

Posted on: 3/30/2014

"For parents looking to pay for college, one of the best deals comes with a 1.2 percent, no-fee loan. The hitch: Your kid has to get into Princeton University.Princeton, which accepts only 7.3 percent of applicants, is alone in the eight-member Ivy League in offering financing to parents."

Disabled Borrowers Trade Loan Debt for a Tax Bill From the I.R.S.

Tara Siegel Bernard | The New York Times

Posted on: 3/27/2014

"After much criticism, the Department of Education has made it easier in recent years for disabled borrowers to have their federal student loans discharged. But now, as more people are qualifying for loan forgiveness, many of them are running into an unexpected consequence."

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Master's Degree Debt Jumped 70% Since 2004

Catey Hill | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 3/25/2014

"Many students consider a graduate degree a necessity for scoring a plum job. But how is a student to know which degrees are worth the expense?"

Planning and Paying for College: You Need to Do What, When, How?!?

College Admission Book

Posted on: 3/25/2014

"It is never too early to start planning on how you will pay for college. It is also never too late, but families who start sooner will have more flexibility in choosing a college than families who procrastinate."

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9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About...Financial Aid for College

Alden Wicker | LearnVest

Posted on: 3/21/2014

"Paying for college can be a nerve-wracking rite of passage. Not only are you probably dealing with huge sums of money, but the complex process of making decisions about loans is often trusted to 17-year-olds, who may or may not have ever managed money before."

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Avoiding the Most Common Financial Aid Application Errors

Valerie Strauss | The Washington Post

Posted on: 3/20/2014

"If you have kids in college, or kids who are going to be in college, you want to read this advice on how to get financial aid without making big mistakes."

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Navigating the Financial Aid Maze

KNPR Nevada Public Radio

Posted on: 3/19/2014

"Financial aid experts Mark Kantrowitz and Shawn Caxton answer common questions about finding money for college in this radio program."

Sallie Mae Says Loan Servicing Business On the Mend

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 3/19/2014

"The Department of Education (ED) has yet to release comprehensive information on how its student loan servicers are performing, but the SLM Corporation, or Sallie Mae, the private student lender, released new data earlier this week that it says shows that more of the federal loans it services are in Income Based Repayment plans (IBR)."

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Many Adults Falling Short of Degrees

Amy Zipkin | The New York Times

Posted on: 3/18/2014

"As the economic benefits of having a college degree become better known, the number of full-time adult learners --those over 24--is growing. Still, the completion rate for older undergraduates lags that of their younger peers."

How to Claim a $2,500 College Tax Credit

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | CBS MoneyWatch

Posted on: 3/18/2014

"If you've got children in college, you could be eligible for a valuable tax credit when you file your taxes this year."

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Free Money for College

Al Roker and Natalie Morales | The Today Show

Posted on: 3/18/2014

"In this video, Today's Al Roker and Natalie Morales discuss strategies for increasing financial aid and finding scholarships with Jacques Steinberg from Say Yes to Education and Rob Franek from the Princeton Review."

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What to Expect When You're Accepting: A College Cost Checklist for Parents

Beth Kobliner | Huffington Post Live

Posted on: 3/18/2014

"As kids across America are celebrating their college acceptance letters, parents of high school seniors are freaking out over the quarter-million-dollar question: How are we going to pay for it?"

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How to Maximize Your Child's Chances of Receiving Financial Aid

Mark Kantrowitz | New York Daily News

Posted on: 3/18/2014

"Edvisors' financial aid guru Mark Kantrowitz tells you everything you need to know in this Money Pros article."

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After Hiatus, Student Loan Refinancing Re-Emerges, But Should You Do It?

Kathryn Buschman Vasel | Fox Business

Posted on: 3/14/2014

"As the country's outstanding student-loan debt tops $1 trillion, financial institutions are increasingly offering borrowers the chance to reduce their interest payments, a market that many borrowers have been afraid to enter."

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How to Score the Best Scholarships for You

Kelley Holland | CNBC

Posted on: 3/12/2014

"Getting into college is almost a full time job these days. Between standardized tests, lengthy applications and the search for financial aid, many high school students devote many hours each week to the effort."

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2 Million Students Missing Out on College Aid

Blake Ellis | CNN Money

Posted on: 3/7/2014

"Millions of college students are missing out on financial aid for college because they aren't even applying for it. About 2 million students could have qualified for the need-based Federal Pell Grant during the 2011-12 academic year, but they failed to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) required to receive it."

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College Aid for the Affluent

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 3/7/2014

"Most affluent families with college-age children don't qualify for financial aid. But there are several moves that parents with above-average income can make before applying for aid that could result in a lower tuition bill."

Are You On the Hook for Your Child's College Tuition?

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 3/6/2014

"A college degree is increasingly seen as a key to success in the 21st century. Does that mean parents have to pay for it? Last month a New Jersey teenager estranged from her parents filed a lawsuit seeking living and schooling costs from them. The case has focused attention on the question of whether parents - even those who are not divorced or separated - owe their children a higher education."

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Will New SAT Raise Test-Prep Prices?

Catey Hill | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 3/6/2014

"In the past, when the College Board rejiggered the SAT, the changes proved to be a boon for the test-prep industry. Panicked high-school students and their parents felt more compelled than ever to plunk down huge sums to stay ahead of the curve."

College Planners: Avoid These Common FAFSA Mistakes

Adam Zoll | Morningstar

Posted on: 3/4/2014

"In this video, Morningstar's Adam Zoll discusses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the financial aid process with Edvisors' Mark Kantrowitz."

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The Hidden Costs of Loans

Geoff Williams | US News and World Report

Posted on: 3/4/2014

"Taking out a loan always comes at a cost. That's expected, unless you take on an interest-free loan from a friend or family member. But it's easy to miss just how costly loans can be, especially if you take out a loan in a hurry."

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Bankrupt? How to Get Student Loan Debt Erased

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 3/4/2014

"Getting student loan debt erased in bankruptcy court isn't easy, but it's possible. Unfortunately, most borrowers can't afford the fight that might give them some relief."

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Student Loans Entice Borrowers More for Cash Than a Degree

Josh Mitchell | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 3/2/2014

"Some Americans caught in the weak job market are lining up for federal student aid, not for education that boosts their employment prospects but for the chance to take out low-cost loans, sometimes with little intention of getting a degree."

How Exactly Do Colleges Allocate Their Financial Aid?

Marian Wang | Pro Publica

Posted on: 2/25/2014

"At the center of the admissions and financial-aid process is a massive information imbalance: Schools make their decisions with detailed data about each applicant that goes well beyond test scores and transcripts."

A Free Guide to Filling Out the FAFSA -- Get It Now

Liz Weston | Ask Liz Weston

Posted on: 2/24/2014

"Exciting news: One of the most-respected experts in financial aid has written a book about filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)–and right now you can get it as a free PDF download."

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Have U.S. 'Shame Lists' Helped Lower Tuition? Probably Not.

Kelley Field and Jonah Newman | Chronicle of Higher Education

Posted on: 2/24/2014

"Three years ago, the Education Department published the first of its annual College Affordability and Transparency Lists, a series of six rankings based on college tuition and net price."

Banks Take Interest in College Lending

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 2/24/2014

"Lenders are reacquainting themselves with college students, lured by the prospect of building ties with young customers and encouraged by declining loan-default rates among these borrowers."

Refinancing Can Lower Student Loan Debt

Herb Weisbaum | Today

Posted on: 2/24/2014

"Millions of Americans could put more money in their pockets each month by refinancing their student loans. It's always been possible to refinance private student loans, but few financial institutions offered this service."

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Student-Loan Refinancing Makes Reappearance

Annamaria Andriotis and Alan Zibel | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 2/24/2014

"More banks, credit unions and other lenders are refinancing student loans, giving borrowers the chance to cut their interest payments."

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Consider Rolling Your Private Student Debt Into Single Loan

Carolyn Bigda | Chicago Tribune

Posted on: 2/20/2014

"For college graduates, there have been few options for consolidating private student debt into a single loan. But that may be changing."

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Claiming Valuable Education Tax Credits

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | The College Solution

Posted on: 2/20/2014

"If you have a child in college, do you qualify for a federal tax credit or tax deduction? These are valuable tax benefits that can help you defray the rising cost of a college degree and yet some parents have no idea that they exist or whether they would qualify."

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FAFSA Form Critical for College Financial Assistance

Pamela Yip | Dallas Morning News

Posted on: 2/16/2014

"When it comes to applying for financial aid for college, no single document is more important to fill out than the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. Simply put, it's the best way you can ensure you have a shot at obtaining financial aid."

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How Your College-Savings Plan Measures Up

Annamaria Andriotis | The Wall Street Journal

Posted on: 2/14/2014

"Many savers who assumed last year's big rally in stocks would swell their 529 college accounts learned a tough lesson when they opened their annual statements: Gains often trailed the market, sometimes by a wide margin."

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Going to College? Don't Leave Tax Benefits Behind

Sheryl Harris | Cleveland Plain Dealer

Posted on: 2/10/2014

"If you're paying for college, make sure you claim tax benefits that can lighten the financial burden a bit. Tax credits such as the American Opportunity Tax Credit can be worth up to $2,500 to someone who paid $4,000 for tuition, books and fees. Yet a surprising number of people walk away from college tax credits and deductions."

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A New Twist on Financial Aid

Sandra Block | Kiplinger

Posted on: 2/1/2014

"Students can have the FAFSA sent to up to ten schools at a time, but many students may not realize that the order in which they list those schools could influence the size of their aid packages—or even their admission."

Insider Tips: Smart Money Moves to Save Big Bucks

Tim Maurer | Kiplinger

Posted on: 2/1/2014

"Kiplinger's spoke with dozens of experts in fields ranging from college aid to travel to glean insights they apply to their own financial lives and share with their own family and friends. Here is actionable advice to manage some of life's biggest ongoing expenses."

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8 Mistakes to Avoid in Applying for College Financial Aid

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | CBS MoneyWatch

Posted on: 1/31/2014

"College freshmen will be heading off to school in the fall, which means that some parents are making mistakes as they struggle to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. But a new guide can help you avoid such errors and make the entire process easier."

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Which Public, Private Colleges Offer the Best Value?

Kelley Holland | Today

Posted on: 1/28/2014

"Don't let the 'sticker price' of a college education fool you. Experts weigh in on the best values in public and private higher education."

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How Same-Sex Marriage Impacts Financial Aid

Quentin Fottrell | Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Posted on: 1/28/2014

"As they scramble to meet looming deadlines for financial-aid applications, families in which both parents are unmarried and live together—or in which the parents are in a same-sex marriage—may qualify for less assistance than in previous years."

Assets You Don't Need to Report on the FAFSA

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | The College Solution

Posted on: 1/27/2014

"Every year, 20 million families file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and plenty of them inadvertently make costly mistakes."

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Four College Financial Aid Maneuvers That Can Backfire

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 1/27/2014

"Spiraling college costs can tempt families to stretch the truth trying to get more financial aid. These methods carry significant risks and may not even work. There are legitimate ways to get better offers."

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Tips For How Grandparents Can Aid College Bills

Donald Jay Korn | Investors Business Daily

Posted on: 1/24/2014

"With 2014 underway, the race for college financial aid begins. Families can file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2014-15 school year. Even if your child is not yet in college, it's good to start planning. The student's grandparents can chip in."

Avoiding a FAFSA Faux Pas

Christina Couch | Schools

Posted on: 1/23/2014

"The only thing standing between you and free college cash is one little form. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the document the government uses to determine who gets financial aid and who doesn't."

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These Colleges Will Pay Your Student Loan Bills

Melanie Hicken | CNN Money

Posted on: 1/22/2014

"A small but growing group of colleges are guaranteeing students that they will help them pay their student loan bills until they secure a well-paying job. Known as a loan repayment assistance program, the colleges offer to pay undergraduate student's loan bills until they earn enough to afford the payments themselves."

Scholarship Scams

Herb Weisbaum | NBC News

Posted on: 1/22/2014

"Every month, NBC Consumerman Herb Weisbaum sits down with consumer experts to discuss issues important to teenagers. Weisbaum interviewed Edvisors' financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz for this video on scholarship scams."

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2014 Student Loan Outlook: More Money, More Problems

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 1/21/2014

"One thing is clear: more people are going to be borrowing more money for post-secondary school education in 2014. Indeed, much of the cash that most students live on doesn't belong to them. It comes from a loan—one that has to be repaid."

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Seven Ways to Help Your Child Get More Money for College

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 1/21/2014

"If you know much about college financing, you probably know the basics of improving a financial aid package: Save in your own name, rather than your child's, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as soon after January 1 as possible and look for scholarships and other 'free money' that can reduce your costs. But many other strategies can also increase your financial aid."

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Higher Interest Rates May Be On the Horizon for Federal Loans in the 2014-2015 School Year

Kelsey Sheehy | US News and World Report

Posted on: 1/15/2014

"Student loans garnered a lot of attention in 2013. Interest rates on federal student loans became a political playing card -again- and debt loads and borrower default rates captured headlines. The new year could be just as tumultuous for college borrowers."

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Debt at Graduation: The Center Holds, the Number Climbs Higher

John Sandman | Main Street

Posted on: 1/14/2014

"Each year, the average amount of student debt seems more disconcerting than the one before, if only because it's bigger. What's more, these increases seem predictable as government support for students continues to decline relative to the incomes of borrowers and their families."

Seven Mistakes to Avoid on Financial Aid Forms

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 1/13/2014

"Millions of families will fill out a key financial aid form in coming weeks, many for the first time. Unfortunately, mistakes on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are easy to make, education experts said."

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Repayment Strategies for Your Student Loans

Kelley Holland | CNBC

Posted on: 1/11/2014

"Students graduating from college enjoy a six-month grace period before they have to start repaying their loans. But for the latest crop of graduates, that period is now over, and those who have loans are figuring out how to pay them off."

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Five Ways Do-Gooders Can Erase Student Loan Debt

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 12/30/2013

"For graduates and others saddled with student loan debt, there are several programs that tie reductions in student loan debt to volunteer or military service or to jobs teaching, practicing law or providing healthcare in high-need areas."

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A Smart Plan to Juggle Saving for Retirement and College


Posted on: 12/30/2013

"Kiplinger's spoke with dozens of experts in fields ranging from college aid to travel to glean insights they apply to their own financial lives and share with their own family and friends. Here is actionable advice to manage some of life's biggest ongoing expenses."

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Four Financial Goals for the New Year

Steve Rosen | The Kansas City Star

Posted on: 12/27/2013

"Four financial education experts, including Edvisors' Mark Kantrowitz, were asked what one goal they would recommend for parents — or their children— to accomplish in the coming year."

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​2012 Grads Have Highest-Ever Student Debt

Tim Grant | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Posted on: 12/26/2013

"The college graduating class of 2012 is, on average, deeper in the hole with student loan debt than any class before. And graduates of Pennsylvania colleges -- state and private -- are more likely than graduates of other colleges nationwide to be burdened with student debt, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education and national surveys of colleges and college graduates."

Early Admission and Financial Aid Exploitation

John Sandman | The Street

Posted on: 12/23/2013

"Early admission applicants know exactly what school they want to go to. But they may give universities an opportunity to exploit that single-minded ambition by delivering less aid than anticipated."

Three Ways to Fix Financial Aid Form Flaws

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 12/23/2013

"Starting Jan. 1, families with college-bound students will begin submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is the key to getting most grants, scholarships and loans, but filling it out can be a nightmare."

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The Most-Wanted Stocking Stuffer: Cash

Tara Siegel Bernard | The New York Times

Posted on: 12/13/2013

"Cash gifts are often written off as too impersonal. But as you're scrambling to find the perfect something for a loved one, particularly the students and graduates who collectively hold about $1.2 trillion in student debt, a little financial wiggle room might be exactly what they want and need."

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I Graduated With Thousands of Dollars Left Over

Blake Ellis | CNN Money

Posted on: 11/1/2013

"While millions of Americans are drowning in student loan debt, some students are actually graduating with thousands of extra dollars to burn—thanks to scholarships and aid that exceeded their college costs.

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Why It’s So Hard to Settle Student Loan Debt

Liz Weston | Reuters

Posted on: 11/1/2013

"Settling student loan debt isn't easy, but it can be possible. Troubled borrowers who can offer a substantial lump sum may be able to free themselves from years of wage garnishments, tax refund seizures, and other collections efforts, according to student loan experts."

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What DOs Need to Know About Personal Finance

Rose Raymond | The DO

Posted on: 11/1/2013

"Many physicians didn't choose their field for the money. Their passion lies in practicing medicine, not following the stock market and interest rate trends. And medical school, residency, and the early years of practicing all require a great deal of focus and time, leaving little room for picking up a solid financial education."

The Education Issue: A Dad Faces a College Savings Gap

Joe Heim | The Washington Post

Posted on: 11/1/2013

"Most American families don't have a plan for paying for college. Financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz offers advice on how and when to save for a child's college education."

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Be Careful What You Share on the FAFSA

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | CBS MoneyWatch

Posted on: 10/30/2013

"When you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), watch out how you list the colleges that your child is applying. Schools will be watching and could hold the order of names against your teenager."

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A Dirty Little FAFSA Secret

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | The College Solution

Posted on: 10/30/2013

"If you'll be filling out the FAFSA during this admission season for a high school teenager, be careful how you list the colleges that your child will be applying to. Colleges could use that information against you."

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PSU Advice on Handling High Cost of College

Tim Gordon | KGW

Posted on: 10/23/2013

"In a town hall called 'From Debt to Degree,' Portland State University brought together experts, including Edvisors'; Mark Kantrowitz, to answer questions about how to handle the high cost of college."

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12 Ways to Prevent Kids From Becoming Perpetual Students

Deborah Jacobs | Forbes

Posted on: 10/7/2013

"Boomer parents face a growing concern when their children decide to extend their college studies: Shelling out tuition money for longer than expected may reduce what they are able to save for their retirement."

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Education Aid for the Wealthy

Mark Lamont Hill | Huffington Post Live

Posted on: 10/1/2013

"In the last 20 years, the percentage of merit-based scholarships handed out has nearly tripled, meaning more low income students have to scrape to pay for college. Edvisors financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz was one of three guests invited to discuss the issue."

Freebies for the Rich

Catherine Rampell | The New York Times

Posted on: 9/29/2013

"Over the years, many state-university systems -and even states themselves- have shifted more of their financial aid away from students who need it toward those whose resumes merit it, with the rationale that merit scholarships motivate higher achievement and keep talented students in state. The consequence, however, is that more aid is helping kids who need it less."

A Q&A Session with Financial Aid Guru Mark Kantrowitz

Sponsoring Young People

Posted on: 9/27/2013

"Mark Kantrowitz answers questions about some of the most common misconceptions students and families have about financial aid and scholarships, and discusses some of the resources available to low-income students and families."

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For Some, A Path to Student Loan Forgiveness

Joseph Pisani | Yahoo News

Posted on: 9/26/2013

"Awareness of federal student loan forgiveness is low, but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is bringing more attention to forgiveness programs with a guide to available options."

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Adult Education: Is It Worth Going Back to School?

Sharon Epperson | CNBC

Posted on: 9/25/2013

"Nearly 4 million adults who are 35 and older are enrolled in a degree-granting institution. Going back to school can be worth it, especially if students follow the right steps to find the money to cover the costs."

Teaching Your College Kids About Money

Ameriprise Financial

Posted on: 9/19/2013

"As your child prepares to leave for college, money matters may be the last thing on your mind. But, teaching college kids about money is an important part of the process, and one you shouldn't skip for the child's own financial well-being."

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3 Financial Challenges of Blended Families

Susan Johnston | US News and World Report

Posted on: 8/26/2013

"Whether they include step-kids, half-siblings, grandparents raising kids, or some other family structure, blended families often create more complicated financial considerations when it comes to estate planning, saving for college, and paying taxes."

Oregon’s ‘Pay It Forward’ Plan on Student Loans Could Become ‘Pay It Yourself’

Eric Kelderman | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Posted on: 8/22/2013

"A proposal by students at Portland State University has drawn enthusiasm in Oregon and at least four other states. But a close look at the plan suggests it could lead to an even greater shifting of college costs from states to students."

Enjoy Student Loan Rates This Low While They Last

Gail MarksJarvis | Chicago Tribune

Posted on: 8/16/2013

"College students this year will get relief on federal student loans. But if they have to borrow again after this school year, the loans they take on will probably cost them more."