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Home Ask Ask the Edvisor Should I wait until I graduate to get married?

Should I wait until I graduate to get married?


My fiancé and I are thinking about getting married. He is in the military and I am worried that I will lose some of my financial aid, like the Federal Pell Grant and state need-based grant. Should we wait until I am done with school?


The answer to this question will require you to do a little leg work. You are correct, changes to your financial situation could impact your eligibility for financial aid. They only way to know if your financial aid award (including grants) will be reduced, is to run some numbers. I have two recommendations for you.

  1. Utilize the FAFSA4caster. This tool is made available by the U.S. Department of Education to estimate your financial aid. It will allow you to run both scenarios through the tool to see the impacts to your federal financial aid award.

  2. Your school’s financial aid office. They can help you understand the impacts of any potential changes to your financial situation. Also, don’t forget to mention your fiancé’s military career. You may be eligible for some education military benefits if you are married.