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Are there Credit Cards if you Have No Credit

Indeed there are. A number of companies are willing to help you start building your credit through the use of a student credit card, even if you have no proven track record or robust credit score to date. You have several decades of earning (and spending) potential ahead, and companies know that. Some of the best offers could be a secured card (where a deposit of a couple hundred dollars is required), or an unsecured card which may require a demonstrated ability to pay a small bill each month (in some cases as low as $10 or $20 per month). With an unsecured card you may be encouraged to apply with a cosigner.

Some offers come with an annual fee—usually between $35 and $50—and others will offer zero annual fees. We did a lot of legwork to provide a competitive list of student credit cards worth checking out. Review the features and benefits we outlined and Apply Today for the option that best suits you.