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Paying for College Articles

Find out why students and parents should or should not borrow from a 401k retirement plan to finance a college education.

You may be excited to know that you can use federal student aid, federal student loans, and private loans to cover the cost of attending many online colleges.

Paying for college can be challenging. There are a number of resources to help by providing free money in the form of scholarships, grants or reimbursement.

Learn the variety of ways students and parents can pay for college both with and without student loans.

Paying for college without financial aid is difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here are 5 ways to pay for college without student loans or financial aid.

Paying tuition with a credit card might be tempting, but swiping can come with a catch. Look out for these drawbacks before pulling out that card!

A tuition payment plan or installment plan splits your bill into equal payments, usually for a small fee. Find out if a tuition payment plan is right for you.