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What are my private student loan options?

Iowa Student Loan

Iowa Student Loan

Iowa Student Loan Reset Refinance Loan

The Reset Loan is offered nationwide by Iowa Student Loan, a Midwest nonprofit organization, and features competitive fixed rates.

The Reset Refinance Loan was designed by student loan experts with decades of experience to help borrowers (both students and parents) looking to simplify repayment of and obtain a lower fixed interest rate on their student loans.

Looking to lower your overall student loan costs or make repayment more manageable? The Reset Loan offers competitive fixed rates with multiple repayment options.


The Reset Loan is:

  • A fixed-rate loan with rates from 2.55% APR to 6.42% APR.1
  • Transparent. Loan eligibility, underwriting criteria and repayment benefits are provided upfront before you apply.
  • Borrower friendly. Repayment benefits and policies were created to benefit borrowers and their families.
  • Comprehensive. You have the ability to refinance private and federal education loans into one new loan.


1Annual percentage rates (APRs) assume you are enrolled in and maintain auto-debit payments from the date of origination. Enrolling in auto-debit results in a 0.25% interest rate reduction. Without enrolling in auto-debit, the rate will range from 2.80% APR to 6.67% APR. Not all borrowers receive the lowest rate. If you are approved for a loan, the rate offered will depend on your credit profile and the term you select and will be within the ranges shown above assuming the auto-debit interest rate reduction applies.

How much will my monthly payment be?

Private student loan payments are based on the amount borrowed, the interest rate and the length of the loan term.
What are my private student loan options?