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Locating Student Loans and Loan Servicers

There are several tools that borrowers may use to find a list of all their federal student loans and the servicers on these loans. It is easy for borrowers to lose track of their loans’ servicers, since borrowers may have several loans, each with a different servicer, and the servicers can change periodically.

Information about federal loans, including federal student loans and federal parent loans, may be found using the U.S. Department of Education’s My Federal Student Aid. My Federal Student Aid includes information about all federal student loans and federal grants. Borrowers will need an FSA ID to login to My Federal Student Aid.

For information on the servicer of a Perkins Loan, contact the school that originally made the loan.

Private student loans, along with federal education loans, should be listed on the borrower’s credit report. Consumers may obtain a free copy of their credit reports from each of the major credit bureaus once a year through Call 1-877-FACT-ACT (1-877-322-8228) for more information.

Federal Direct Loan Servicers
Name Phone Number
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.
HESC/Edfinancial 1-855-337-6884
OSLA Servicing
VSAC Federal Loans 1-888-932-5626
ECSI Federal Perkins Loan Servicer
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