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Home Press Releases Edvisors Publishes Student-Friendly Guide to Filing the FAFSA® for 2018-19

Edvisors Publishes Student-Friendly Guide to Filing the FAFSA® for 2018-19

LAS VEGAS, October 3, 2017 – To guide students and families through the 2018-2019 FAFSA, Edvisors released its student-friendly Guide to Filing the FAFSA®. This year’s guide replaces the former book Edvisors published and provides a more youth-centric approach to understanding and completing the FAFSA. It includes answers to common questions, top tips to avoid errors, and insights on year-over-year changes to the FAFSA.

The new guide is a downloadable PDF, filled with straightforward and actionable advice. “We think this is a great resource for students, parents, guidance counselors and others who may assist families with this important phase of the financial aid process. Because of its style and simplicity, it is easy to locate the key information people need, including phone numbers and websites, in a central document,” says Anita Thomas, Senior Vice President of Edvisors. A free copy can be obtained at

Each year, students and families can file the FAFSA starting October 1st. Notable changes for 2018-2019 include:

Security updates. In the wake of a security breach that brought the IRS Data Retrieval Tool down in March of this year, the 2018-19 FAFSA has undergone an important upgrade. It is now more secure but there’s a catch. FAFSA filers who import tax information from the IRS (using the Data Retrieval Tool) will not see their actual tax data populated in front of them. Instead, the data will be encrypted and blocked from plain sight. The field value will not display any numbers. Instead, it will display a message indicating the figures were transferred from the IRS. This means students and parents will not be able to check the data in order to determine accuracy or to make changes. Corrections will need to be made through the Financial Aid Office. 

Good news for those who filed amended tax returns. One of the changes for the 2018-19 FAFSA is that it allows the use of the IRS Data Retrieval Tool for individuals or families who filed an amended tax return in 2016.

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