Easy scholarships are easy to enter, but not necessarily easy to win.

Easy scholarships are sometimes called “no application” scholarships, “no hassle” scholarships, “no essay” scholarships, scholarship sweepstakes or scholarship lotteries.

Easy scholarships generally do not involve writing essays or completing long application forms. Some do not require any application form, other than completing a short registration process. Most do not require a minimum grade point average (GPA). Students do not have to do a lot of work to enter an easy scholarship competition.

Easy scholarships often have few eligibility criteria, because they are designed to allow as many students as possible to enter. This is especially true of promotional scholarships, which substitute a scholarship for paid advertising. (The Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway is one of the largest promotional scholarship programs.) This means that the odds of winning an easy scholarship are very low. Some easy scholarships have hundreds of thousands or even millions of entries. The winners are selected through a random drawing, instead of being based on skill.

One of the first easy scholarships programs was offered by the now-defunct web site freescholarships.com. This web site, which launched in early 1999 and shut down in late 2000, offered weekly $10,000 scholarships and monthly $25,000 scholarships, hoping to cover the cost of the scholarships through advertising revenue. It followed in the footsteps of more general cash giveaway sites like iwon.com and pch.com.

This table lists some of the most popular easy scholarships, sorted by total annual giveaways.


For other easy scholarships, visit a free scholarship matching service web site, such as StudentScholarshipSearch.com.

Beware of scholarships that charge any kind of a fee to enter. If you have to pay money to get money, it’s probably a scam. Download a tip sheet about scholarship scams from Edvisors.com.