State Applications for Student Financial Aid

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Some states supplement the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) with their own financial aid application forms, in addition to having early state deadlines for the FAFSA.

In some cases, the state forms are designed to gather information that is not available from the FAFSA. For example, California’s Cal Grant requires a GPA verification form if the student’s high school or college does not provide a certified GPA directly to the Cal Grant program.

In other cases, the state forms are for students who are ineligible to apply for federal student aid, such as undocumented students. For example, most Texas students will file the FAFSA. Texas uses a state form, the TASFA, for students who are ineligible for federal student aid but who have resided in Texas for three years prior to high school graduation or receipt of a GED, who are in the U.S. legally, who have filed an I-130 or I-140 to petition for permanent residency status and who will be enrolling in a Texas college or university.

Some states, like Oregon, have state scholarships that require a separate application.

Examples of state financial aid application forms include:

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