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Setting Up Your FSA ID for FAFSA Login

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No matter which way you decide to file, it’s always wise to create an FSA ID. Think of your FSA ID as a username and password, because that’s what it is. Your FSA ID allows you to file the FAFSA (online or through the mobile app), and log into view your federal student loan and grant history. You can also use it to electronically sign your FAFSA, and it is considered to be your personal legal signature.

Each person who needs to provide information for a FAFSA will need their own FSA ID—this means, not only students but parents may need their own FSA ID as well. An FSA ID will be associated with the Social Security number of the account holder.

It is strongly recommended that everyone create their own FSA ID to avoid issues later. If you forget your FSA ID, or it’s not working, you will have the option to click “Manage My FSA ID” on the FAFSA log in page which will give you the option to select “Forgot My Username” or “Forgot My Password”. If you need more help getting into your account, you can always call the Federal Student Aid Information Center (1-800-4-FED-AID).



Create an FSA ID

To get started, go to:

You will need to:

  • Provide your personal information (name, date of birth, social security number)
    • This needs to exactly match your Social Security card!

      Do not input nicknames or a different last name than the one on your Social Security card.

  • Create a profile
    • Provide an email
    • Create a strong password (remember, this is your legal signature)
    • Provide your mailing address
    • Recommended: Provide a cell phone number to make it easier if you need account recovery (help with your username password if you forget)
    • Choose a language
  • Select and Create Challenge Questions
    • The first two challenge questions will ask you to pick a question to answer from a drop down list
    • The last two challenge questions will have you create our own questions and answers
    • Optional: The ability to provide an 8-digit code to access your loan balances over the phone
  • Confirm your information is correct and accept the terms
  • Verify your mobile phone (if provided for account recovery) and your email address
    • A secure code will be sent which you will need to provide when prompted


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