Twisdoms about Paying for College

The bestselling book, Twisdoms about Paying for College, is available for purchase on in paperback format for $7.95 and Kindle format for $4.95.



Twisdoms About Paying for College Book Cover

Twisdoms about Paying for College, Paperback Edition

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Twisdoms About Paying for College Book Cover

Twisdoms about Paying for College, Kindle Edition

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A twisdom is a tweetable wisdom, a short quotable quote that conveys practical advice, such as a simple strategy or actionable rule of thumb. This book compiles more than 400 twisdoms about planning and paying for college.

One example of a popular twisdom is “Every dollar you borrow will cost about two dollars by the time you repay the debt.” Another example is “Total student loan debt at graduation should be less than the borrower’s annual starting salary, and, ideally, a lot less.”

Praise for Twisdoms about Paying for College

"The Color of Money book of the month, by Mark Kantrowitz, offers financial proverbs for families sending a child to college.  … Kantrowitz is publisher of Edvisors, a Web site about planning and paying for college. He is the go-to guy for insight into scholarships, grants and student loans. He’s now condensed his expertise into 400 “twisdoms” — tweetable wisdoms. Despite the brevity of the advice, there’s a lot of meat in this 112-page paperback. … In a time when people have increasingly short attention spans, I love this book’s concept. Kantrowitz takes a complicated and often frustrating process and breaks it down to essential information."
— Michelle Singletary, Financial proverbs for families of the college-bound, Washington Post, 8/28/2015
"Paying for college is no easy task, but if there's anyone who has mastered the nuances of it — from getting scholarships to repaying student loans — it's Mark Kantrowitz. For the past three decades, Kantrowitz has been speaking and writing about financial aid and college costs. His publications, which include several books and the website, for which he is publisher, provide the nitty-gritty details that parents and students seek. But in his most recent book, "Twisdoms about Paying for College" (Edvisors Network, $7.95), Kantrowitz condenses his knowledge into tidbits of advice, organized by month when the information is likely most relevant."
— Carolyn Bigda, Book offers 'twisdoms' to help you pay for college, Chicago Tribune, 9/5/2015
"Kantrowitz, publisher of, … has written a fun, readable book called Twisdoms About Paying for College. … The Twisdom approach offers short, specific advice that's easy to comprehend and ultimately can motivate you to dig a bit deeper into the topic. … This book allows parents with children of any age — and the earlier the better — to start studying some complex topics during very limited downtime."
— Susan Tompor, Tweetable tips turn into real college savings, Detroit Free Press, 9/9/2015
“Twisdom” is a funny word, but it has a serious meaning. It’s a short but sweet tweetlike rule of thumb that even the most short-attention-span student will enjoy. Kari Emerson, my 21-year-old editorial assistant who has great attention to detail, loved these insights. She said, “Twisdoms are easy to wrap my head around, and easy to process and remember (especially compared to the other long, data-intensive resources on college savings that are out there).” And who can argue with that?
— Julie Jason, College savings primer, Connecticut Post, 9/4/2015
“Mark Kantrowitz is a rock star when it comes to helping families pay for college. Twisdoms about Paying for College, which offers decades’ worth of smart, insider advice, is a must‐read for parents, students, and high school counselors alike. No one knows the score better than Kantrowitz — the go‐to expert on all things related to making college more affordable.”
—Beth Kobliner, Author of Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even if You’re Not) and member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans
“Mark Kantrowitz shares his encyclopedic knowledge of college financial aid in this pithy, readable book. I highly recommend it to any parent who hopes to get help with the college bills.”
—Jane Bennett Clark, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine
“This book is a must‐read for every family with a high school student headed to college. But start reading it in the sophomore year of high school so you have time to turn these Twisdoms into money for college.”
—Terry Savage, Nationally Syndicated Financial Columnist, Author of The Savage Truth on Money
“Mark Kantrowitz is the expert other experts turn to when they have questions about paying for college. His knowledge of financial aid is broad and deep, but he manages to make an incredibly complex process understandable to the rest of us. I plan to use his ‘twisdoms’ when it’s time to put our child through college.”
—Liz Weston, Personal Finance Columnist and Author of Your Credit Score
“Like a Twitter feed, Kantrowitz's ‘Twisdoms’ let you quickly spot something you didn’t know about the student loan or scholarship process. And more important, you’ll be motivated to read a little bit more and dig deeper into the topic. Before you know it, you might even save some real money and avoid financial heartache.”
—Susan Tompor, Personal Finance Columnist, Detroit Free Press and USA Today
“If you’ve ever wished someone would just give you short, succinct, easy-to-follow advice about paying for college, the kind you don’t need a masters degree in accounting or finance to understand, look no further than Mark Kantrowitz’s new book, Twisdoms about Paying for College … It’s the shortest, most accessible path to college financing wisdom that I’ve seen.”
—Kevin McMullin, Collegewise
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