Countries With Free or Nearly Free Tuition

About two dozen countries provide free tuition or nearly-free tuition at public colleges and universities to their citizens. Some restrict the free tuition to citizens, while others also provide free tuition to all international students or a subset, such as free tuition for all European Union (EU) citizens.

Country Free Tuition
Free Tuition
(International Students)
Argentina Yes
Austria Yes  
Brazil Yes Yes, but classes are taught in Portuguese.
Czech Republic Yes Free tuition in the Czech language, not free in other languages.
Denmark Yes  
Egypt Yes  
Finland Yes Yes
France Yes Available to all European Union (EU) citizens.
Germany Yes Yes
Greece Yes Yes, but classes are taught in Greek.
Iceland Yes Yes
Kenya Yes Free public tuition for high-scoring secondary school students.
Luxembourg Yes Yes
Malaysia Yes  
Morocco Yes  
Norway Yes Yes, but living expenses are high.
Panama Yes Yes
Poland Yes  
Scotland Yes
Slovenia Yes Available to all EU citizens.
Spain Yes  
Sweden Yes Available to all EU citizens. Ph.D. programs are tuition-free.
Turkey Yes  
Uruguay Yes  

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