This student loan checklist can help borrowers keep track of their loans. Paperwork for each loan should be kept in a separate electronic folder.

 Download the PDF: Student Loan Checklist

Student Loan Repayment Tips

☐ Compile contact information for the servicers of each loan

☐ Contact each lender/servicer to find out when the first payment will be due

    ○ Repayment typically begins 6 or 9 months after graduation

    ○ Add a calendar reminder two weeks before the payment is due

☐ Provide each lender with the borrower’s current postal mailing address and contact information

☐ Choose a repayment plan for each loan

☐ Decide whether loan consolidation is worthwhile (and if so, when)

☐ Record the name of each lender representative and his/her contact information each time a call is made to the lender

☐ Sign up for automatic monthly or auto-debit loan payments

☐ Retain all paper and electronic correspondence from each lender

☐ Borrowers should claim the student loan interest deduction on their federal income tax returns

☐ Before skipping a loan payment, borrowers who encounter financial difficulty should contact the lender to ask about repayment options