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Are you worried about graduating with a mountain of debt? We've got some great strategies to help you borrow responsibly while making your college dreams a reality.

Student loans are often necessary to help pay for college. Finding low interest student loans will help save money on the total cost of your education.

Learn the pros and cons of Private student loans, including borrowing up to your school’s certified cost of attendance, and potentially lower interest rates than federal student loans.

When shopping for student loans, it's helpful to know the average student loan interest rate of private and federal student loans.

There are federal and private student loans available for nursing school. Once you’ve exhausted federal student loans, private student loans may help you fill the funding gap. Learn more about your federal and private student loans options.

Compare the best private student loans. Learn about top private lenders who will offer you competitive rates and benefits and how you can easily apply online in minutes.

Colleges and lenders have programs in place to help you make ends meet when you need it most. Learn more about emergency help, including federal, state, institutional and private student loan options.

Interest on a student loan is the cost you pay for borrowing money. Federal and private student loans have different interest rates and formulas for calculating interest.

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) provide students with money to pay for college in exchange for a percentage of their income after graduation. Learn about using ISAs to pay for college.

Many colleges and universities offer their own loans to help students and families pay for college. Institutional loan funds typically come from the college’s resources, alumni, corporations, foundations, donors and repayments from prior college loan borrowers.

International students have limited U.S. loan options when it comes to borrowing to pay for college. There are lenders that work with international students, particularly if they have an eligible cosigner.

Are you a Texas resident or an out-of-state student attending a school in Texas? Discover student loan options specifically for students in Texas.

Find current private student loan interest rates and compare to federal student loan interest rates to find the loan that is right for you.

Credit is a big factor in getting approved for a private loan for college. Learn how banks judge your credit and how this affects your loan options.

Have you heard a lot about private student loans? We're busting 7 common myths with expert advice.

Compare your student loan options easily with our comparison tables. Understand the benefits of Direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans, PLUS loans, and private student loans.

Federal student loan interest rates are as low as @SUIRCurrent%, and private loans start around @LowestRateIS. But what does it really cost to borrow? Origination fees and other factors make a big difference on federal and private student loans.

Having a student loan cosigner is a great way to get approved for a private student loan and qualify for a lower interest rate. A cosigner can be any responsible adult who fits the criteria. Look for a lender that offers cosigner release as a way to relieve your cosigner of their responsibility once you’ve made a series of on-time payments.

Learn which student loans do not require a credit check, and what you need to know to qualify for credit-based student loans.

Students who do not have a cosigner are still eligible for student loans. Options include federal student loans, as well as some private lenders if you qualify. Learn more.