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Is it OK to wear my nose ring and leave my tattoos visible when I go to a scholarship interview?


Is it ok to wear my nose ring and leave my tattoos visible when I go to a scholarship interview?


Unless you are wearing the jewelry or tattoo for religious or cultural reasons, you should probably not wear it to an interview. Although body modification, such as nose rings, tongue piercings and tattoos, is growing in acceptance, there is always a risk that the interviewer will be offended or distracted by it. Avoid giving the interviewer an excuse to deny you the scholarship.

Accordingly, students should maintain a conservative appearance at scholarship interviews. Remove nose rings and tongue jewelry. Limit the number of earrings to just one, small in size. Minimize the number and size of other jewelry as well. Cover up any tattoos, to the extent possible. Don’t wear revealing, unprofessional or informal clothing. For example, don’t wear jeans, t-shirts or flip flops to the interview. Shower before the interview, brush your teeth and wear deodorant. Don’t use perfume or cologne on the day of the interview, as some interviewers may be allergic. Do not chew gum, smoke, play with your hair, bite your nails or pick your nose during the interview.

Use common sense. Even glitter and shimmer makeup, fluorescent hair color and nail polish can be problematic, if it distracts the interviewer.

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